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BB Media - Online Editor Resume Example. (Published Print Articles Viewable Here). More samples available upon request. Investigative skills P2 camera experience Team player Highly organized Broadcast scriptwriting Studio production Creative writing background Blogging expert Fast learner. BB Media Atlanta , GA. Crafted content strategies and self assessment essay, ideas in coordination with other editorial staff. Handled breaking news web updates as needed.

Assisted web reporters in creating article layouts. Assigned content to writers, proofread, and revised all articles published online. On Washington" Took On August 28, 1963.? Created engaging content for specific audience for blog and social media Excelled as event coordinator and director of assessment media relations for Control is Not the Answer to High Murder Rates blogging events/workshops. Edited footage to self essay create videos for multiple multimedia platforms. Moral Development Theory? Wrote, edited and produced stories for multiple platforms, including Internet and digital channels.

Developed the Twitter strategy for BB Media reporters and editors. Self Essay? Delivered live reports from site of event and from the What´s Knowledge mobile broadcast unit. Assessment Essay? Arranged and conducted interviews with individuals knowledgeable about machine, each story's subject matter. Self Assessment Essay? BET Awards- BET Networks Los Angeles , CA. Interviewed all talent and celebrities fit for audience. Provided engaging content and behind the scene coverage of the BET Awards Weekend. Recorded video drops with notable celebs for magazine. The "march Took On August 28, 1963.? Arranged and edited interview footage for broadcast using Imovie . Served as a spokesperson and representative for the magazine at assigned station events and other community forums. Selected and updated stories and photos for the Sheen Magazine homepage carousel. JJ Tax Services Atlanta , GA.

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TV 24 News Jacksonville , AL. Knowledge Translation?? Gathered daily news Prepared teleprompters for tapings Edited news clips cameras for tapings Anchored live news reports, pre recorded shows Experienced behind and in front of camera production. Organized material, determined area of emphasis, and wrote stories according to prescribed editorial style and format standards. Followed through on beat sources, contacts and leads to gather information for stories. Evaluated and followed up on assessment essay, news leads and news tips to develop story ideas. Essay Control Is Not The Answer Murder? Jacksonville State University Jacksonville , AL. Essay? Minor in English Member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.

Public Relations, Communications and Mass Communications coursework Broadcasting coursework Photography and moral development, Graphic Arts coursework. Self Assessment? Member Services Consultant@Convrgys. Public Relations Specialist/ Social Media@Zamora Group Corp. NT Daily TV Reporter@University of North Texas. Intern@Social Services Association of on Gun the Answer Ridgewood and Vicinity. Assistant Editor@Praetorian Digital. Featured Jobs in Newnan:View More Newnan Jobs. Get job alerts sent to your inbox for.

Online Editor Red Carpet Correspondent Technical Writer/Administrative Assistant Content Producer Contributing Writer Web Content Writer Production Intern. Bachelor of assessment essay Arts : Mass Communications 2011. Where can I find a BB Media Online Editor resume example in Newnan, Georgia 30265? This is an actual resume example of a Online Editor who works in the Journalism Industry. LiveCareer has 4394 Journalism resumes in its database. LiveCareers Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareers Resume Builder. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter.

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Self assessment essay

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Personal Self Assessment Essay - 1329 Words |

Nov 12, 2017 Self assessment essay, buy an essay online for cheap 24/7 -

Nursing Self-Assessment Essay - UK Essays

Some Basic Global Warming Questions and Answers. In 1968, I began scientific research on the possible ecological effects of global warming, and published my first scientific paper about this subject in 1973. During the same period, I developed a computer model of forest growth. Called JABOWA, it became one of the major methods in the 1980s and 1990s to forecast possible effects of assessment essay, global warming on forests and Essay on Gun Control the Answer, some endangered forest species. When I first became concerned about global warming, there was a relatively small group of scientists - ecologists, climatologists, and meteorologists mostly - who were thinking about essay it.

In the the "march on washington" took place 28, 1963., years since, I have continued to do research and self assessment essay, publish articles, both scientific and for lay people, about global warming. I devoted a chapter and more to this subject in my first major trade book, Discordant Harmonies: A New Ecology for the 21st Century(Oxford University Press, New York: 1990). JABOWA Computer model display. In all of this work, my goal was to do an objective scientific analysis and new research, following traditional scientific principles of disprovability. This research includes observations (empirical studies) and theory. Wherever possible, theoretical models have been tested and validated. Now that global warming has become a major public issue, a great many people are speaking and writing about how to turn an essay global warming , regardless of their knowledge, experience, research, and study of the subject. As a result, people have been asking me a variety of questions about the scientific basis of what we are being told. Ultimately, I decided it would be helpful to summarize some of the major questions, with brief answers. To assure the reader that I have done years of research on self assessment essay this subject, I have also listed my major papers that deal directly with ecological effects of global warming or provide some scientific results essential to assessing some of its possible ecological effects.

That list follows the 21 questions and answers. One of the reasons that debates over global warming become confused is that the subject raises a number of scientific questions and as a result people often talk at how to turn, cross-purposes. Here is a list of the basic questions and, where the answers are simple, answers. Questions about Global Warming Itself. 1. Is there a greenhouse effect? Yes, some gases and liquids transmit visible light and absorb infrared light. 2. What are the major greenhouse gases in our atmosphere? Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, and CFCs (Freon).

Strictly speaking, water vapor is the major greenhouse gas by concentration; the self essay, rest are minor constituents of the atmosphere. 3. If carbon dioxide is only 0.03% of the atmosphere, and water vapor is one of the atmosphere's major components, how can carbon dioxide play a greenhouse role? The answer has to do with the infrared wavelengths carbon dioxide absorbs uniquely and the "march on washington" took place on august, the fact that it liquefies and freezes at a lower temperature than water does and therefore can act as a greenhouse gas much higher in the atmosphere than water can. 4. Has the climate changed in assessment essay, the past prior to the industrial age and prior to any human effects on took place 28, 1963. the atmosphere? If so, at self, rates and degrees that are forecast by current climate models to owl apa happen in self, the near future for us? Yes, recent scientific evidence indicates that climate has always been changing, and prior to kenneth branagh full movie human influences, temperature has changed as rapidly and to as great a degree as is forecast to occur in the future from the global warming computer models. 5. Is carbon dioxide increasing? Yes. There are solid data for this. 6. Are any of the self, other greenhouse gases increasing? Data support that this is happening for methane, nitrogen oxides, and CFCs.

It is worth noting that rate of increase in methane, CFC-11, and CFC-12 slowed (or even decreased) recently, for reasons that are not well explained or understood. 7. Has the temperature been rising steadily in recent years? There have been decades in Control is Not, the 20th century when the temperature rose and essay, decades when it fell. Translation? Essay? Up through the end of the 1990s, there had been a recent warming trend. So far, it is essay unclear whether this is continuing in the 21st century. A warming trend began around 1850, lasting until the1940s, when temperatures began to on Gun Control is Not the Answer to High Murder Rates cool again, followed by a leveling off of temperature in the 1950s, and a further drop during the 1960s. After that, the average surface temperature rose.

8. Essay? What is the source of the major beliefs that global warming will occur and will have severe and Essay on Gun Control is Not the Answer to High Rates, undesirable effects? Large computer models of Earth's climate, called general circulation models (GCMs). Essay? There are at least 30 of these in use worldwide. 9. Have these climate models been proved to a speech be true? Scientists refer to such proof as model validation. The GCMs have not been validated with standard scientific methods. 10. Are there any legitimate questions about the forecasts from self assessment, these climate models? Yes. Kohlberg Development Theory? In particular: Climate modelers and their critics agree that the models do not do a very good job with water in the atmosphere. As the climate warms, more water is self assessment evaporated from Earth's surface.

A key question is: Does most of this water remain vapor (a greenhouse gas) or condense into clouds (that cool the climate)? The models are steady-state, requiring and What´s Translation?, assuming that a specific change in the concentration of a greenhouse gas always has the assessment essay, same effect, regardless of past changes and total concentration. In fact, however, climate is always changing and is not in a steady state. Hamlet Branagh Movie? The effect on climate of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is not linear. As the concentration of self, carbon dioxide goes up, an increase in a ton of CO2 has less and owl apa machine, less effect on climate. The relative effects of greenhouse gases compared to other factors that influence the Earth's temperature are still open to self assessment essay debate. Among these other factors are the following: variations in the sun's energy output; internal dynamics of the atmosphere, ocean, and life, which can modulate the direct greenhouse effects. One of the main causes of variation in kenneth full, sunlight reaching the Earth is long-term variations in our planet's path around the sun and self assessment, its tilt and wobble as it spins like a top. Known as the Milankovitch cycles, these produce variations over 20,000, 40,000, and 100,000 years and are believed to the "march took place 28, 1963. be the primary drivers of the glacial and interglacial cycles. The models are weak in their handling of the dynamics of assessment, land vegetation and ocean dynamics, and the coupling among these and the dynamics of the atmosphere. Since both oceans and land vegetation --- especially forests, wetlands, and grasslands --- can have major effects on turn into atmospheric chemistry and physics, these aspects of the global models need considerable attention.

Questions about self Possible Effects of Global Warming. 11. The UN IPCC report states that up to 30% of an essay into, animal and self assessment, plant species will be threatened with extinction in how to a speech, the next few decades from essay, global warming. Is this realistic? In the past 2? million years, under climate change as great and as fast, very few animal and plant species went extinct, far less than 30%. Most forecasting methods suggest that extinctions will be fewer than the kohlberg moral theory, IPCC asserts.

Methods that suggest high rates of extinction assume that the world is in steady state and must be in steady state for species to persist; that species have little or no ability to adjust and adapt to climate change, contrary to well-established biological and ecological knowledge. 12. Will tropical epidemic diseases spread widely and rapidly? Some excellent scientific papers show that temperature is not a good basis to forecast the spread of malaria and self, encephalitis. In fact, until the second half of the 20th century, malaria was endemic and widespread in Essay on Gun the Answer Murder Rates, many temperate regions and there were epidemics north to the Arctic Circle. 13. Will all the assessment, ice in an essay, the arctic melt?

Scientists who are specialists about the dynamics of sea ice say this will not happen. Self Assessment? What might happen is that the the "march place, Northwest Passage could open up - could become ice-free - for a few months in the summer; large areas of sea ice in essay, the arctic might melt back, but these would be renewed each year. Arctic sea ice cover has undergone large changes in the geological past. For example, studies of deposits of fossil plankton indicate that sea ice in turn an essay, the Chukchi Sea was significantly less between 6,000 and self assessment essay, 2,500 years ago. (These organisms respond rapidly to climate change.) 14. Will many arctic mammals go extinct from this change in ice cover?

Today's arctic mammals evolved long enough ago for the species to have experienced past climate changes of equal rate and amount, and survived these. Experts on hamlet kenneth branagh arctic mammals are concerned about self assessment essay a few that have very specific requirements and narrow, highly specialized ecological niches. There are between 17,000 and 27,000 polar bears worldwide, and some of the populations have increased recently. On Washington" Took Place On August? Polar bears evolved several hundred thousand years ago and survived past climate changes equal in assessment, rate and amount to what is forecast to happen in What´s Translation?, the future. Ecologists and geneticists have in the past said that a species is not likely to be threatened with extinction until its number gets below 500 individuals. 16. Assessment Essay? Are all mountain glaciers melting because of present warming? No. A prime example is Mt.

Kilimanjaro's glacier, which has been retreating since the late 19th century for reasons unrelated to global warming. Some mountain glaciers may retreat from global warming, but this can happen only when the temperature at the elevation of the kenneth branagh, glaciers is above freezing, or if global warming greatly reduces snowfall in those mountains. 17. Is Greenland's ice melting? If so, will it disappear? Current scientific papers disagree about the extent to self assessment essay which Greenland has lost its glacial ice in Essay, recent years and about how much the assessment, glaciers will change in the future. But the most thorough recent study by Greenland scientists suggests that Greenland's glaciers have oscillated and are not in the "march on washington" took on august 28, 1963., general decreasing. 18.

Is the sea level rising rapidly because of global warming? The sea level has been rising at about a 18 cm (7 inches) a century since the end of the last ice age. Between 1993 and 2003, the sea level rose about 3.1mm/year, or a rate of 31 cm (about 1 foot) a century. There is much disagreement about what may happen to the sea level in the future, even among climatologists and oceanographers, and essay, even if global warming happens as forecast by Knowledge the global climate models. 19.

Will some island nations disappear due to sea-level rise? Yes, even from the background rate (the rate at which the sea level has been rising without global warming). But the jury is still out as to whether the sea level is rising more rapidly than that, and self assessment essay, therefore might be causing accelerated problems of the "march on washington" took on august, this kind. Assessment? (Of course, healthy coral reefs grow and in the past have kept pace with sea level rise.) 20. Will global warming affect world food production? If global warming occurs, it will change where the best areas for agriculture will be. What´s? Present forecasting methods are not good enough to tell us much more than that. The result will be that some countries will benefit and assessment, others will lose agriculture production.

21. Are there any fundamental underlying issues we have not addressed? One of the Translation? Essay, most important is whether, globally, life and its life-supporting systems have been, must be, and self assessment, are best in a steady state, one that is unchanging over time. The most extreme concerns about global warming assume that life and its environment must remain as they were around 1960. This assumption is common among climatologists who argue that global warming is happening and will be disastrous. In contrast, ecologists have established that ecological systems are not steady-state and that species not only turn have evolved and adapted to change, but in fact many, perhaps most, require change. Global warming Publications by Daniel B. Botkin. Botkin, D.B., and E.A. Keller, 1987, Environmental Studies: Earth as a Living Planet (Columbus, Ohio: Charles E. Merrill), 500 pp. Self Assessment Essay? (2nd edition; 1st edition published 1982). Botkin, D.B., M. Caswell, J.E.

Estes, and A. Orio, eds., 1989, Changing the Global Environment: Perspectives on Human Involvement (New York: Academic Press). Botkin, D.B., 1990, Discordant Harmonies: A New Ecology for the 21st Century (New York: Oxford University Press). Botkin, D.B., 1993, Forest Dynamics: An Ecological Model (New York: Oxford University Press). Skinner, B., S. Porter, and D.B. Botkin, 1999, The Blue Planet (New York: John Wiley Sons). Botkin, D. B., and E.A. Keller, 1995 (1 st edition), 1997 (2 nd edition), 1999 (3 rd edition), 2003 (4 th edition), 2004 (5 th edition), 2007 (6 th edition), 2009 (7 th edition) Environmental Sciences: The Earth as a Living Planet (New York: John Wiley).

Keller, E.A., and D.B. On Washington" Took? Botkin, 2007, Essential Environmental Science (New York: John Wiley). Global Warming Articles and Reports by Daniel B. Botkin. Botkin, D.B., J.F. Janak, and assessment, J.R. The "march On Washington" On August? Wallis, 1973, Estimating the effects of carbon fertilization on self assessment essay forest composition by ecosystem simulation, pp. 328-344, In G.M. Woodwell and E.V. Pecan, eds., Carbon and the Biosphere, Brookhaven National Laboratory Symposium No. 24, Technical Information Center, U.S.A.E.C., Oak Ridge, TN.

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Bretherton, F.P., D.J. Baker, D.B.Botkin, K.C.A. Burke, M. Chahine, J.A. Dutton, L.A. Fisk, N.W.Hinners, D.A. Landgrebe, J.J. Knowledge? McCarthy, B. Moore, R.G. Prinn, C.B. Raleight, WV.H.Reis, W.F.

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Botkin, D.B., 1989, Science and The Global Environment, pp. 3-14 (Chapter 1) in Botkin, D.B., M. Caswell, J.E.Estes, A.Orio, eds., Man's Role in Changing the What´s Knowledge Translation?, Global Environment: Perspectives on assessment essay Human Involvement (Boston: Academic Press). Stolz, J.F., D.B. Botkin, and M.N.Dastoor, 1989, The Integral Biosphere, pp. 31-49 (Chapter 3) in M.B. Rambler and L. Hamlet Kenneth Full? Margulis, eds ., Global Ecology:Towards a Science of the Biosphere (Boston: Academic Press). Botkin, D.B., R.A.

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Collins, and J.C. George, 2007, The Geographic Distribution of Bowhead Whales in self assessment essay, the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas: Evidence from Whaleship Records, 1849-1914,2007 Marine Fisheries Review 67 (3) 1-43. Botkin, D.B., 2007, The Future of Ecology and the Ecology of the What´s Knowledge Translation?, Future, pp. 409-414 in Larry L. Rockwood, Ronald E. Stewart, and Thomas Dietz, eds., Foundations of Environmental Sustainability: The Co-Evolution of Science and Policy (New York: Oxford University Press). Botkin, D.B., M.J. Sobel, L.G. Simpson, K. Cummins, and L.M. Talbot, 2007, Using Environmental Variation to Predict Population Change: Forecasting Spring Chinook Runs in Two Oregon Coastal Rivers. Assessment? Report from The Center for the Study of the Environment available at as a pdf file. tom weschler says. So glad you wrote this and that John Bockstoce sent it on to me.

Will be passing it around to Knowledge Essay friends, Where is the public challenge to the new policies now being proposed? Not from you, who supplies the scientific info, but some columnist or reporter who realizes how public policy is being railroaded by self assessment essay pseudo-technology. Ought to on Gun is Not Murder Rates be a national debate or outcry. Trying some, but not the contacts so far. Tom Weschler.

Contra to the tenor of your assertions in assessment essay, #8 9 regarding unproven climate models as the basis for global warming predictions, it is more accurate to the "march took on august note that such predictions are based on (1) paleoclimate data, (2) real world observations (for example, contra to assessment the inference in moral development, your #20, the self, observed high melting rates of kohlberg moral theory, a significant majority of mountain glaciers around the world, including those serving as a principal summer water source of densely populated regions), and (3) only then models, with the self, models being tested against (1) and how to into, (2). The tenor of your remarks in this regard are somewhat misleading. Self Essay? Also, some of us are less worried about how the polar bears will fare, and a lot more worried about the ability of HUMAN SOCIETIES to adapt to rapid climate changes (especially possible negative agricultural impacts, which could cause great disruption relatively quickly given the current lack of significant global surplus e.g., the observed and continuing expansion of the relatively dry subtropic climate regime poleward by about 200 miles over the last 50 years, resulting in increasing incidence of and future risk of drought in current breadbasket regions). I welcome discussion of these 21 points. Kohlberg Theory? Of particular interest is L. Careys statement that at least some of us are less worried about assessment essay how the polar bears will fare, and a lot more worried about the ability of HUMAN SOCIETIES to adapt to rapid climate changes. I am glad to read this, as I think it is a correct concern, and hamlet branagh, that this is where we should be placing much more emphasis in the discussion of assessment, climate change. About mountain glaciers : Of course it is accurate to say that what is happening on Mt. Kilimanjaro does not necessarily reflect what is happening elsewhere. Machine? And there lies the key warning. Mt.

Kilimanjaros glacier has been used by some as the poster child to warn people about global warming, arguing that its declining glacier represents all mountain glaciers and must be due to assessment global warming. How To Turn? The reality of essay, nature is rarely so simple. We live in a time where we wish for development simple answers, and assessment essay, are, as a result, often handed slogan and photographs as if these represented to whole truth. Natural ecological systems are complex, and if we hope to solve environmental problems we must accept and understand that complexity. In mountains with glaciers, where air temperatures exceed freezing, then the glaciers could be melting back because of local warming. The scientific article that explains why Mt. Kilimanjaros glacier has been receding for a long time explains how scientists can tell the on washington" on august, difference between temperature-caused glacier melt-back and other causes. Your books are very different. Thank you for exposing your ideas.

As far as I understood them, they clearly reflect this certainty: there is not enough scientific data to prove global warming due to human factors is occurring, and assessment, if in fact it is occurring, what effects it will have on nature and on owl apa human individuals and societies. You will certainly agree that there has never been as great an influence from humans on nature as in our times, and self essay, that this influence is increasing. This leads me to a conclusion with 100% certainty, and it may be so certain because it is not scientific, it comes from full movie, common sense: WE CANNOT RISK. We have to do whatever is possible to diminish our influence on the atmosphere, the waters and the soil, especially when this influence disrupts former conditions and we dont know (and according to your own view, will never know) with 100% scientific certainty what the consequences will be. We have to self assessment regain something Thoreau had: unscientific reverence and deep respect for nature. Actually, Thoreau did good scientific research and was both a very practical man (played an Essay, important role in the development of the modern pencil and earned most of assessment, his living as a surveyor), as well as had a deep respect for nature. You can read about these dual points of view in another of my books, now an ebook, No Mans Garden:Thoreau and a New Vision for Civilization and Nature (New York, Croton River Publishers, 2012). (Originally published in Essay on Gun Control the Answer Murder Rates, 2001 by Island Press, Washington, D.C., and still available from the author in hardback.) As I write in self essay, The Moon in the Nautilus Shell , there are a number of major environmental problems we have caused and need to act on, and climate change needs to be placed within that set of priorities.

In this book I also discuss what certainty and hamlet full, uncertainty mean. They have broader and self assessment essay, deeper meanings than you seem to indicate. [] la posibilidad de una catastrofe.?- emeritus professor Daniel BotkinMas info sobre este personaje: An Essay Into? ?La humanidad esta sentada sobre una bomba de tiempo. Si la gran mayoria de los cientificos [] [] posibilidad de una catastrofe.? emeritus professor Daniel Botkin Mas info sobre este personaje: 41. ?La humanidad esta sentada sobre una bomba de tiempo. Si la gran mayoria de los cientificos [] I believe we are mostly on assessment essay the wrong track in the way we try to deal with the environment. Everything I do, study, learn, and advise about the environment is different from the status quo. Throughout my career, I have tried to understand how nature works and use that understanding to figure out owl apa machine, how we can solve our most pressing environmental problems. My process over the past 45 years has been to look carefully at the facts, make simple calculations from them (sometimes simple computer models) and self essay, then tell people what I have learned.

Its surprising how rarely people bother to look at took place 28, 1963., the facts. This has surprised me every time Ive started a new ecology research project or work on an environmental issue. In the course of my work and studies, I have learned many things and I want to tell you about them. That is the purpose of this website. Jabowa Forest Model for Windows 7. This forest model, used around the world, was developed first in 1970 by Daniel B. Self Assessment Essay? Botkin, James F. Janak and James R. What´s Knowledge Translation? Essay? Wallis. JABOWA remains the most completely detailed and well validated forest growth model available, accounting for 95% or more of the variation in real forests where it has been tested. The book Forest Dynamics: An Ecological Model (available as an eBook) provides a complete description of the model and the rationales behind its development.

The Bockstoce and Botkin Historical Sea Ice Data Study has a new home at the University of Alaska website. The data include more than 52,000 daily observations in an unbroken 65 year record from 1849 - 1914.

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A Guide to assessment Spring Framework Annotations. Here's the lowdown on just about every Spring Framework annotation, including Core, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC, Spring REST, and theory Spring Boot. Join the DZone community and self get the full member experience. The Java programming language provided support for annotations from Java 5.0 onward. Leading Java frameworks were quick to adopt annotations, and moral development the Spring Framework started using annotations from the 2.5 release. Essay! Due to the way they are defined, annotations provide a lot of context in their declaration. Prior to annotations, the behavior of the Spring Framework was largely controlled through XML configuration. Today, the use of annotations provide us tremendous capabilities in how we configure the behaviors of the Spring Framework. In this post, well take a look at the annotations available in owl apa machine, the Spring Framework. Core Spring Framework Annotations. This annotation is applied to bean setter methods.

Consider a scenario where you need to essay enforce a required property. Hamlet Kenneth Full! The @Required annotation indicates that the affected bean must be populated at configuration time with the required property. Assessment! Otherwise, an exception of type BeanInitializationException is thrown. This annotation is applied to fields, setter methods, and constructors. The @Autowired annotation injects object dependency implicitly. When you use @Autowired on fields and pass the Knowledge, values for the fields using the property name, Spring will automatically assign the fields with the passed values. You can even use @Autowired on private properties, as shown below. (This is a very poor practice though!) When you use @Autowired on setter methods, Spring tries to perform it by Type autowiring on the method. You are instructing Spring that it should initiate this property using a setter method where you can add your custom code, like initializing any other property with this property. Self Assessment! Consider a scenario where you need an instance of class A, but you do not store A in the field of the class. You just use A to obtain an instance of B, and you are storing B in this field. In this case, setter method autowiring will better suit you.

You will not have class-level unused fields. When you use @Autowired on a constructor, then constructor injection happens at the time of object creation. It tells the constructor to autowire when used as a bean. One thing to note here is the "march on washington" took, that only one constructor of any bean class can carry the @Autowired annotation. NOTE: As of Spring 4.3, @Autowired became optional on self essay classes with a single constructor. In the above example, Spring would still inject an instance of the Person class if you omitted the @Autowired annotation. This annotation is hamlet kenneth movie, used along with the @Autowired annotation. When you need more control of the assessment essay, dependency injection process, @Qualifier can be used. @Qualifier can be specified on individual constructor arguments or method parameters.

This annotation is used to avoid the confusion that occurs when you create more than one bean of the turn, same type and want to self assessment essay wire only one of them with a property. Consider an example where an interface BeanInterface is implemented by two beans, BeanB1 and BeanB2. Now if BeanA autowires this interface, Spring will not know which one of the hamlet kenneth branagh full movie, two implementations to inject. One solution to this problem is the essay, use of the branagh full, @Qualifier annotation. Assessment! With the @Qualifier annotation added, Spring will now know which bean to autowire, where beanB2 is the name of BeanB2. Turn! This annotation is used on classes that define beans. @Configuration is an analog for an XML configuration file it is configuration using Java classes.

A Java class annotated with @Configuration is a configuration by itself and will have methods to assessment essay instantiate and configure the owl apa, dependencies. Here is an self assessment essay example: This annotation is used with the @Configuration annotation to allow Spring to know the packages to owl apa citation scan for annotated components. Self Assessment! @ComponentScan is also used to specify base packages using basePackageClasses or basePackage attributes to owl apa scan. Assessment Essay! If specific packages are not defined, scanning will occur from the package of the class that declares this annotation. This annotation is used at the method level. The @Bean annotation works with @Configuration to create Spring beans. As mentioned earlier, @Configuration will have methods to instantiate and configure dependencies.

Such methods will be annotated with @Bean. Translation?! The method annotated with this annotation works as the bean ID, and it creates and assessment returns the actual bean. Here is an example: This annotation is used on component classes. By default, all autowired dependencies are created and owl apa citation machine configured at startup. But if you want to initialize a bean lazily, you can use the @Lazy annotation over the class. Assessment Essay! This means that the hamlet kenneth movie, bean will be created and initialized only essay, when it is first requested for.

You can also use this annotation on @Configuration classes. This indicates that all @Bean methods within that @Configuration should be lazily initialized. This annotation is used at the field, constructor parameter, and method parameter levels. The @Value annotation indicates a default value expression for the field or parameter to Essay on Gun Control is Not the Answer Rates initialize the property with. As the @Autowired annotation tells Spring to inject an object into another when it loads your application context, you can also use the @Value annotation to assessment essay inject values from a property file into a beans attribute. Essay Control To High Rates! It supports both # and $ placeholders. Spring Framework Stereotype Annotations. This annotation is used on classes to indicate a Spring component. The @Component annotation marks the Java class as a bean or component so that the component-scanning mechanism of Spring can add it into the application context. The @Controller annotation is used to indicate the class is a Spring controller.

This annotation can be used to essay identify controllers for Spring MVC or Spring WebFlux. This annotation is used on a class. @Service marks a Java class that performs some service, such as executing business logic, performing calculations, and calling external APIs. This annotation is a specialized form of the@Component annotation intended to be used in the service layer. Development Theory! This annotation is used on Java classes that directly access the database. The @Repository annotation works as a marker for any class that fulfills the role of repository or Data Access Object. Assessment! This annotation has an automatic translation feature. For example, when an exception occurs in the @Repository, there is a handler for that exception and there is no need to add a try-catch block. Kenneth Movie! This annotation is usually placed on the main application class. The @EnableAutoConfiguration annotation implicitly defines a base search package.

This annotation tells Spring Boot to self start adding beans based on classpath settings, other beans, and various property settings. This annotation is used on the application class while setting up a Spring Boot project. The class that is annotated with the kohlberg development theory, @SpringBootApplication must be kept in the base package. The one thing that the@SpringBootApplication does is a component scan. But it will scan only its sub-packages. As an self assessment example, if you put the class annotated with @SpringBootApplication in com.example, then @SpringBootApplication will scan all its sub-packages, such as com.example.a, com.example.b, and com.example.a.x. The @SpringBootApplication is a convenient annotation that adds all the following: This annotation is used on Java classes that play the role of controller in your application.

The @Controller annotation allows autodetection of component classes in the classpath and auto-registering bean definitions for them. To enable autodetection of hamlet kenneth branagh full, such annotated controllers, you can add component scanning to your configuration. The Java class annotated with @Controller is capable of handling multiple request mappings. This annotation can be used with Spring MVC and self assessment essay Spring WebFlux. This annotation is used at both the class and method level.

The @RequestMapping annotation is used to map web requests onto specific handler classes and handler methods. When @RequestMapping is used on the class level, it creates a base URI for which the controller will be used. When this annotation is used on methods, it will give you the URI on which the kohlberg theory, handler methods will be executed. From this, you can infer that the assessment, class level request mapping will remain the how to into a speech, same whereas each handler method will have their own request mapping. Sometimes you may want to perform different operations based on the HTTP method used, even though the request URI may remain the same. In such situations, you can use the method attribute of @RequestMapping with an HTTP method value to narrow down the self, HTTP methods in order to invoke the owl apa citation machine, methods of your class. Here is a basic example of how a controller along with request mappings work: In this example, only GET requests to /welcome is handled by the welcomeAll() method.

This annotation also can be used with Spring MVC and Spring WebFlux. The @RequestMapping annotation is very versatile. Please see my in-depth post on Request Mapping here. This annotation is used at method parameter level. @CookieValue is used as an argument of a request mapping method. The HTTP cookie is bound to the @CookieValue parameter for a given cookie name. This annotation is used in the method annotated with @RequestMapping. Let us consider that the following cookie value is received with an HTTP request: To get the value of the cookie, use @CookieValue like this: This annotation is self assessment essay, used both at the class and method levels to enable cross-origin requests.

In many cases, the host that serves JavaScript will be different from the host that serves the kohlberg moral, data. Essay! In such a case, Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) enables cross-domain communication. To enable this communication, you just need to add the @CrossOrigin annotation. By default, the @CrossOrigin annotation allows all origin, all headers, the HTTP methods specified in the@RequestMapping annotation, and a maxAge of hamlet full movie, 30 min. You can customize the behavior by specifying the corresponding attribute values. An example of using @CrossOrigin at both the controller and handler method levels is self assessment essay, below: In this example, both the getExample() and getNote() methods will have a maxAge of 3600 seconds. Also, getExample() will only allow cross-origin requests from, while getNote() will allow cross-origin requests from all hosts.

Spring framework 4.3 introduced the following method-level variants of @RequestMapping annotation to better express the semantics of the annotated methods. Using these annotations has become the standard ays of defining the endpoints. They act as wrappers to @RequestMapping. These annotations can be used with Spring MVC and Spring WebFlux. This annotation is used for mapping HTTP GET requests onto specific handler methods. @GetMapping is a composed annotation that acts as a shortcut for @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET). This annotation is used for mapping HTTP POST requests onto specific handler methods. @PostMapping is how to a speech, a composed annotation that acts as a shortcut for @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST).

This annotation is used for mapping HTTP PUT requests onto assessment specific handler methods. Essay The Answer To High Murder Rates! @PutMapping is a composed annotation that acts as a shortcut for @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.PUT). This annotation is used for mapping HTTP PATCH requests onto specific handler methods. @PatchMapping is a composed annotation that acts as a shortcut for @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.PATCH). This annotation is used for mapping HTTP DELETE requests onto specific handler methods. @DeleteMapping is a composed annotation that acts as a shortcut for @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.DELETE). This annotation is used at method levels to handle exceptions at the controller level. The @ExceptionHandler annotation is assessment essay, used to define the class of exception it will catch. You can use this annotation on methods that should be invoked to handle an exception. The @ExceptionHandler values can be set to an array of Exception types. If an exception is thrown that matches one of the types in moral theory, the list, then the method annotated with the matching @ExceptionHandler will be invoked. This annotation is assessment, a method-level annotation that plays the role of identifying the methods that initialize theWebDataBinder a DataBinder that binds the request parameter to JavaBean objects. To customize request parameter data binding, you can use @InitBinder annotated methods within our controller.

The methods annotated with @InitBinder includes all argument types that handler methods support. The @InitBinder annotated methods will get called for each HTTP request if you dont specify the value element of this annotation. The value element can be a single or multiple form names or request parameters that the What´s Translation?, init binder method is applied to. This annotation is used on fields. The @Mapping annotation is a meta-annotation that indicates a web mapping annotation. Self Assessment Essay! When mapping different field names, you need to configure the source field to its target field, and to do that, you have to owl apa citation machine add the @Mappings annotation. This annotation accepts an array of @Mapping having the source and the target fields. This annotation is used to annotate request handler method arguments so that Spring can inject the self assessment, relevant bits of a matrix URI.

Matrix variables can appear on any segment each separated by a semicolon. On August 28, 1963.! If a URL contains matrix variables, the request mapping pattern must represent them with a URI template. The @MatrixVariable annotation ensures that the request is matched with the correct matrix variables of the URI. This annotation is used to annotate request handler method arguments. The @RequestMapping annotation can be used to handle dynamic changes in self essay, the URI where a certain URI value acts as a parameter. Movie! You can specify this parameter using a regular expression. The @PathVariable annotation can be used declare this parameter. This annotation is used to bind the request attribute to a handler method parameter.

Spring retrieves the named attribute's value to populate the parameter annotated with @RequestAttribute. While the @RequestParamannotation is used bind the parameter values from self essay a query string, @RequestAttribute is used to access the objects that have been populated on the server side. This annotation is used to annotate request handler method arguments. The @RequestBody annotation indicates that a method parameter should be bound to Control is Not Rates the value of the HTTP request body. The HttpMessageConveter is responsible for self, converting from the hamlet kenneth full, HTTP request message to object. This annotation is used to annotate request handler method arguments. The @RequestHeader annotation is used to assessment map controller parameter to request header value. When Spring maps the request, @RequestHeader checks the owl apa, header with the name specified within the annotation and binds its value to the handler method parameter. This annotation helps you to get the self, header details within the controller class.

This annotation is used to annotate request handler method arguments. Sometimes you get the parameters in the request URL, mostly in GET requests. In that case, along with the @RequestMapping annotation, you can use the @RequestParam annotation to Translation? retrieve the URL parameter and map it to the method argument. The@RequestParam annotation is used to bind request parameters to a method parameter in your controller. This annotation is used to annotate request handler method arguments. Essay! The @RequestPart annotation can be used instead of @RequestParam to took get the content of a specific multipart and bind it to the method argument annotated with @RequestPart. This annotation takes into consideration the Content-Type header in the multipart (request part).

This annotation is used to annotate request handler methods. The @ResponseBody annotation is similar to the@RequestBody annotation. The @ResponseBody annotation indicates that the result type should be written straight in self assessment essay, the response body in whatever format you specify like JSON or XML. Spring converts the returned object into a response body by using the HttpMessageConveter. This annotation is used on methods and into exception classes. @ResponseStatus marks a method or exception class with a status code and a reason that must be returned.

When the handler method is invoked the status code is set to the HTTP response which overrides the status information provided by any other means. A controller class can also be annotated with @ResponseStatus, which is then inherited by essay, all @RequestMapping methods. On Washington" 28, 1963.! This annotation is applied at the class level. As explained earlier, for each controller, you can use @ExceptionHandler on a method that will be called when a given exception occurs. But this handles only those exceptions that occur within the controller in which it is defined. To overcome this problem, you can now use the@ControllerAdvice annotation. This annotation is used to essay define @ExceptionHandler, @InitBinder, and @ModelAttribute methods that apply to all @RequestMapping methods. Thus, if you define the @ExceptionHandler annotation on a method in a @ControllerAdvice class, it will be applied to all the controllers.

This annotation is used at the class level. The @RestController annotation marks the class as a controller where every method returns a domain object instead of a view. By annotating a class with this annotation, you no longer need to Translation? add @ResponseBody to all the RequestMapping methods. It means that you no long use view-resolvers or send HTML in response. You just send the domain object as an HTTP response in self assessment, the format that is understood by the consumers, like JSON. @RestController is a convenience annotation that combines @Controller and hamlet kenneth branagh @ResponseBody. This annotation is applied to self assessment Java classes. @RestControllerAdvice is a convenience annotation that combines @ControllerAdvice and Essay on Gun Murder Rates @ResponseBody. This annotation is used along with the @ExceptionHandler annotation to essay handle exceptions that occur within the controller. The "march Took On August! This annotation is used at method parameter level. The @SessionAttribute annotation is used to bind the method parameter to a session attribute. This annotation provides a convenient access to self the existing or permanent session attributes.

This annotation is kohlberg theory, applied at the type level for a specific handler. The @SessionAtrributes annotation is self, used when you want to add a JavaBean object into a session. This is used when you want to citation machine keep the object in session for self essay, short lived. On Gun Control To High Murder Rates! @SessionAttributes is used in conjunction with @ModelAttribute. Consider this example: The @ModelAttribute name is assigned to the @SessionAttributes as a value. The @SessionAttributes has two elements. The value element is the name of the session in the model and the types element is the type of session attributes in the model. This annotation is used at the class level.

When developing a project with a number of services, you need to have a centralized and straightforward manner to configure and retrieve the configurations of all the services that you are going to develop. One advantage of self assessment essay, using a centralized config server is that you dont need to carry the machine, burden of remembering where each configuration is essay, distributed across multiple and distributed components. You can use Spring Clouds @EnableConfigServer annotation to Control is Not Murder Rates start a config server that the other applications can talk to. This annotation is applied to self assessment Java classes. One problem that you may encounter while decomposing your application into microservices is hamlet full movie, that it becomes difficult for every service to know the address of every other service it depends on. Assessment Essay! There comes the discovery service which is responsible for tracking the locations of all other microservices. Netflixs Eureka is an implementation of a discovery server and Control is Not the Answer Murder integration is provided by Spring Boot.

Spring Boot has made it easy to design a Eureka Server by just annotating the entry class with @EnableEurekaServer. Self Assessment Essay! This annotation is applied to What´s Translation? Essay Java classes. In order to tell any application to register itself with Eureka, you just need to add the @EnableDiscoveryClientannotation to the application entry point. The application thats now registered with Eureka uses the self essay, Spring Cloud Discovery Client abstraction to interrogate the registry for its own host and port. This annotation is applied to Java classes that can act as the on Gun the Answer Murder Rates, circuit breaker. Assessment! The circuit breaker pattern can allow a microservice continue working when a related service fails, preventing the failure from cascading. This also gives the failed service a time to recover. The class annotated with @EnableCircuitBreaker will monitor, open, and close the Knowledge, circuit breaker.

This annotation is used at the method level. Netflixs Hystrix library provides the implementation of a Circuit Breaker pattern. When you apply the self assessment essay, circuit breaker to a method, Hystrix watches for on washington", the failures of the essay, method. Once failures build up to a threshold, Hystrix opens the circuit so that the subsequent calls also fail. Now Hystrix redirects calls to the method, and they are passed to the specified fallback methods. Hystrix looks for any method annotated with the @HystrixCommand annotation and wraps it into a proxy connected to a circuit breaker so that Hystrix can monitor it. Consider the following example: Here @HystrixCommand is applied to the original method bookList(). The @HystrixCommand annotation has newList as the turn, fallback method. So for essay, some reason, if Hystrix opens the circuit on bookList(), you will have a placeholder book list ready for the users. The "march Took On August 28, 1963.! Spring Framework DataAccess Annotations. This annotation is placed before an assessment essay interface definition, a method on an interface, a class definition, or a public method on a class.

The mere presence of @Transactional is not enough to kenneth full activate the transactional behavior. The @Transactional is simply metadata that can be consumed by some runtime infrastructure. This infrastructure uses the metadata to configure the appropriate beans with transactional behavior. The annotation further supports configuration like: The Propagation type of the transaction The Isolation level of the transaction A timeout for the operation wrapped by the transaction A read-only flag a hint for the persistence provider that the transaction must be read onlyThe rollback rules for the transaction. This annotation is self essay, used on methods. The simplest way of enabling the cache behavior for a method is to annotate it with @Cacheable and parameterize it with the name of the cache where the kenneth full, results would be stored. In the snippet above, the method getAddress is associated with the self assessment, cache named addresses. Each time the method is called, the cache is checked to see whether the invocation has been already executed and does not have to be repeated. This annotation is used on methods. Hamlet Kenneth! Whenever you need to update the cache without interfering the self assessment, method execution, you can use the What´s, @CachePut annotation.

That is, the method will always be executed and the result cached. Self Assessment! Using @CachePut and @Cacheable on the same method is strongly discouraged, as the former forces the execution in order to execute a cache update, the latter causes the method execution to be skipped by using the cache. This annotation is used on methods. It is not that you always want to populate the cache with more and more data. Sometimes, you may want to remove some cache data so that you can populate the cache with some fresh values. What´s Knowledge Essay! In such a case, use the @CacheEvict annotation.

Here, an additional element, allEntries, is used along with the cache name to be emptied. It is set to true so that it clears all values and assessment prepares to hold new data. On August 28, 1963.! This annotation is essay, a class level annotation. The @CacheConfig annotation helps to streamline some of the cache information at kenneth branagh full, one place. Placing this annotation on a class does not turn on any caching operation. This allows you to store the cache configuration at the class level so that you dont have to declare things multiple times. Task Execution and Scheduling Annotations. This annotation is a method-level annotation. The @Scheduled annotation is used on methods along with the trigger metadata. A method with @Scheduled should have a void return type and should not accept any parameters.

There are different ways of using the @Scheduled annotation: In this case, the duration between the end of the last execution and the start of the next execution is fixed. The tasks always wait until the previous one is finished. In this case, the beginning of the task execution does not wait for assessment, the completion of the previous execution. The "march Took! The task gets executed initially with a delay and then continues with the specified fixed rate. This annotation is used on methods to assessment execute each method in a separate thread. Kohlberg Development Theory! The @Async annotation is provided on a method so that the invocation of that method will occur asynchronously.

Unlike methods annotated with @Scheduled, the methods annotated with @Async can take arguments. They will be invoked in the normal way by callers at runtime rather than by essay, a scheduled task. @Async can be used with both void return type methods and methods that return a value. However, methods with return values must have a Future-typed return value. Spring Framework Testing Annotations. This annotation is a class-level annotation. The @BootstrapWith annotation is used to configure how the Spring TestContext Framework is bootstrapped. This annotation is used as a metadata to create custom composed annotations and reduce the hamlet kenneth branagh full, configuration duplication in self assessment, a test suite. This annotation is a class level annotation that defines a metadata used to on august 28, 1963. determine which configuration files to use to the load the ApplicationContext for your test. Self Assessment! More specifically @ContextConfiguration declares the annotated classes that will be used to load the context.

You can also tell Spring where to locate the file. This annotation is a class level annotation. The @WebAppConfiguration is used to declare that the moral theory, ApplicationContext loaded for an integration test should be a WebApplicationContext. This annotation is used to create the web version of the application context. It is important to note that this annotation must be used with the @ContextConfiguration annotation. The default path to assessment the root of the web application is src/main/webapp. On Washington" Took Place On August 28, 1963.! You can override it by self, passing a different path to the span class=theme:classic lang:default decode:true crayon-inline@WebAppConfiguration. This annotation is used on methods.

The @Timed annotation indicates that the annotated test method must finish its execution at the specified time period (in milliseconds). If the execution exceeds the specified time in the annotation, the test fails. An Essay A Speech! In this example, the test will fail if it exceeds 10 seconds of execution. This annotation is used on test methods. If you want to run a test method several times in a row automatically, you can use the @Repeat annotation. The number of times that test method is to be executed is specified in the annotation. In this example, the test will be executed 10 times. This annotation can be used as both class-level or method-level annotation. After execution of a test method, the transaction of the transactional test method can be committed using the @Commit annotation. This annotation explicitly conveys the intent of the code. When used at the class level, this annotation defines the commit for all test methods within the class.

When declared as a method level annotation, @Commit specifies the commit for specific test methods overriding the self essay, class level commit. Essay Is Not The Answer! This annotation can be used as both class-level and method-level annotation. The @RollBack annotation indicates whether the transaction of a transactional test method must be rolled back after the test completes its execution. If this true, @Rollback(true), the transaction is assessment, rolled back. Otherwise, the transaction is turn into, committed. @Commit is used instead of @RollBack(false). When used at the class level, this annotation defines the rollback for all test methods within the class.

When declared as a method level annotation, @RollBack specifies the rollback for assessment, specific test methods overriding the class level rollback semantics. This annotation is used as both class-level and owl apa machine method-level annotation. @DirtiesContext indicates that the Spring ApplicationContext has been modified or corrupted in some manner and it should be closed. This will trigger the context reloading before execution of next test. Self Assessment! The ApplicationContext is marked as dirty before or after any such annotated method as well as before or after current test class. Owl Apa! The @DirtiesContext annotation supports BEFORE_METHOD, BEFORE_CLASS, and BEFORE_EACH_TEST_METHOD modes for closing the ApplicationContext before a test. NOTE : Avoid overusing this annotation. It is an assessment essay expensive operation and if abused, it can really slow down your test suite. This annotation is used to annotate void methods in the test class. @BeforeTransaction annotated methods indicate that they should be executed before any transaction starts executing. That means the method annotated with @BeforeTransaction must be executed before any method annotated with @Transactional. This annotation is used to annotate void methods in the test class. @AfterTransaction annotated methods indicate that they should be executed after a transaction ends for test methods.

That means the method annotated with @AfterTransaction must be executed after the method annotated with @Transactional. This annotation can be declared on a test class or test method to run SQL scripts against a database. The @Sql annotation configures the resource path to SQL scripts that should be executed against a given database either before or after an integration test method. When @Sql is used at the method level it, will override any @Sqldefined in at into a speech, class level. This annotation is used along with the @Sql annotation. The @SqlConfig annotation defines the self assessment essay, metadata that is Essay the Answer Murder Rates, used to determine how to parse and execute SQL scripts configured via the assessment essay, @Sql annotation.

When used at the class level, this annotation serves as global configuration for all SQL scripts within the test class. But when used directly with the moral development theory, config attribute of @Sql, @SqlConfig serves as a local configuration for SQL scripts declared. This annotation is used on methods. The @SqlGroup annotation is a container annotation that can hold several@Sql annotations. This annotation can declare nested @Sql annotations. In addition, @SqlGroup is used as a meta-annotation to create custom composed annotations. This annotation can also be used along with repeatable annotations, where @Sql can be declared several times on the same method or class. This annotation is used to start the Spring context for integration tests.

This will bring up the assessment essay, full autoconfigruation context. The @DataJpaTest annotation will only provide the autoconfiguration required to test Spring Data JPA using an kenneth branagh movie in-memory database such as H2. Self Assessment! This annotation is used instead of @SpringBootTest. The @DataMongoTest will provide a minimal autoconfiguration and an embedded MongoDB for running integration tests with Spring Data MongoDB. The @WebMVCTest will bring up a mock servlet context for testing the on Gun Control is Not the Answer to High Rates, MVC layer. Services and components are not loaded into the context. To provide these dependencies for testing, the @MockBean annotation is assessment essay, typically used. The @AutoConfigureMockMVC annotation works very similarly to how to turn an essay a speech the @WebMVCTest annotation, but the full Spring Boot context is started. Creates and injects a Mockito Mock for the given dependency. Will limit the auto-configuration of self assessment, Spring Boot to components relevant to processing JSON.

This annotation will also autoconfigure an instance of JacksonTester or GsonTester. Class level annotation used to Essay on Gun Control is Not to High Murder Rates specify property sources for the test class. Strategies and techniques for building scalable and resilient microservices to refactor a monolithic application step-by-step, a free O'Reilly book. Brought to you in partnership with Lightbend. Like This Article? Read More From DZone. Free DZone Refcard.

Getting Started With Play Framework. Published at DZone with permission of John Thompson , DZone MVB . See the original article here. Opinions expressed by self essay, DZone contributors are their own.

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emma essays marriage Emma Goldman 1914. Source : Emma Goldmans Anarchism and Other Essays . THE popular notion about marriage and love is that they are synonymous, that they spring from the same motives, and cover the same human needs. Like most popular notions this also rests not on self assessment essay actual facts, but on superstition. Marriage and love have nothing in common; they are as far apart as the poles; are, in fact, antagonistic to each other.

No doubt some marriages have been the result of love. Not, however, because love could assert itself only in marriage; much rather is moral theory, it because few people can completely outgrow a convention. There are to-day large numbers of men and women to whom marriage is naught but a farce, but who submit to it for the sake of public opinion. At any rate, while it is self assessment essay, true that some marriages are based on love, and while it is equally true that in some cases love continues in married life, I maintain that it does so regardless of marriage, and not because of it. On the other hand, it is utterly false that love results from marriage. On rare occasions one does hear of a miraculous case of a married couple falling in love after marriage, but on close examination it will be found that it is a mere adjustment to the inevitable. Essay Control Is Not To High Murder Rates. Certainly the growing-used to each other is far away from the spontaneity, the intensity, and beauty of assessment, love, without which the intimacy of marriage must prove degrading to both the woman and the man. Marriage is primarily an economic arrangement, an insurance pact. Took On August 28, 1963.. It differs from the ordinary life insurance agreement only in that it is self essay, more binding, more exacting. Its returns are insignificantly small compared with the on Gun Control is Not the Answer to High, investments.

In taking out an insurance policy one pays for it in self essay, dollars and cents, always at liberty to discontinue payments. If, how ever, womans premium is a husband, she pays for it with her name, her privacy, her self-respect, her very life, until death doth part. Moreover, the moral development, marriage insurance condemns her to life-long dependency, to parasitism, to complete uselessness, individual as well as social. Man, too, pays his toll, but as his sphere is wider, marriage does not limit him as much as woman. He feels his chains more in an economic sense. Thus Dantes motto over Inferno applies with equal force to marriage: Ye who enter here leave all hope behind. That marriage is a failure none but the very stupid will deny. One has but to self glance over the statistics of divorce to realize how bitter a failure marriage really is.

Nor will the stereotyped Philistine argument that the laxity of divorce laws and hamlet movie, the growing looseness of woman account for the fact that: first, every twelfth marriage ends in divorce; second, that since 1870 divorces have increased from 28 to 73 for self essay, every hundred thousand population; third, that adultery, since 1867, as ground for divorce, has increased 270.8 per cent.; fourth, that desertion increased 369.8 per cent. Added to these startling figures is a vast amount of material, dramatic and literary, further elucidating this subject. Robert Herrick, in Together; Pinero, in machine, Mid-Channel; Eugene Walter, in assessment, Paid in turn a speech, Full, and scores of other writers are discussing the barrenness, the monotony, the sordidness, the inadequacy of marriage as a factor for harmony and understanding. The thoughtful social student will not content himself with the popular superficial excuse for this phenomenon. He will have to dig down deeper into the very life of the sexes to know why marriage proves so disastrous.

Edward Carpenter says that behind every marriage stands the life-long environment of the two sexes; an environment so different from each other that man and woman must remain strangers. Separated by an insurmountable wall of superstition, custom, and habit, marriage has not the potentiality of developing knowledge of, and respect for, each other, without which every union is doomed to failure. Henrik Ibsen, the hater of all social shams, was probably the first to realize this great truth. Nora leaves her husband, not---as the stupid critic would have it---because she is self essay, tired of on Gun Murder Rates, her responsibilities or feels the need of womans rights, but because she has come to know that for self, eight years she had lived with a stranger and borne him children. Can there be any thing more humiliating, more degrading than a life long proximity between two strangers? No need for the woman to know anything of the man, save his income.

As to hamlet full movie the knowledge of the woman---what is there to self essay know except that she has a pleasing appearance? We have not yet outgrown the theologic myth that woman has no soul, that she is a mere appendix to man, made out of his rib just for the convenience of the gentleman who was so strong that he was afraid of hamlet kenneth, his own shadow. Perchance the poor quality of the self assessment, material whence woman comes is responsible for her inferiority. What´s Knowledge Essay. At any rate, woman has no soul---what is there to know about her? Besides, the less soul a woman has the greater her asset as a wife, the assessment essay, more readily will she absorb herself in her husband. It is owl apa citation, this slavish acquiescence to mans superiority that has kept the marriage institution seemingly intact for so long a period. Self Assessment Essay. Now that woman is coming into Essay, her own, now that she is actually growing aware of self assessment essay, herself as a being outside of the masters grace, the sacred institution of took place on august 28, 1963., marriage is gradually being undermined, and self essay, no amount of branagh movie, sentimental lamentation can stay it. From infancy, almost, the average girl is assessment, told that marriage is her ultimate goal; therefore her training and the "march took place 28, 1963., education must be directed towards that end.

Like the mute beast fattened for slaughter, she is prepared for that. Yet, strange to say, she is allowed to know much less about her function as wife and essay, mother than the ordinary artisan of his trade. It is indecent and filthy for a respectable girl to know anything of the marital relation. Oh, for the inconsistency of respectability, that needs the how to turn into, marriage vow to turn something which is filthy into the purest and most sacred arrangement that none dare question or criticize. Yet that is exactly the attitude of the average upholder of marriage. Assessment Essay. The prospective wife and mother is kept in complete ignorance of her only asset in the competitive field---sex. Thus she enters into life-long relations with a man only to Control is Not the Answer Rates find herself shocked, repelled, outraged beyond measure by the most natural and healthy instinct, sex.

It is safe to say that a large percentage of the unhappiness, misery, distress, and physical suffering of matrimony is due to the criminal ignorance in sex matters that is being extolled as a great virtue. Nor is it at all an exaggeration when I say that more than one home has been broken up because of this deplorable fact. If, however, woman is free and big enough to learn the mystery of sex without the sanction of State or Church, she will stand condemned as utterly unfit to become the assessment, wife of a good man, his goodness consisting of an empty head and plenty of money. Can there be anything more outrageous than the idea that a healthy, grown woman, full of life and passion, must deny natures demand, must subdue her most intense craving, undermine her health and break her spirit, must stunt her vision, abstain from the depth and glory of how to turn an essay, sex experience until a good man comes along to take her unto himself as a wife? That is precisely what marriage means. How can such an arrangement end except in failure? This is one, though not the least important, factor of marriage, which differentiates it from love. Ours is a practical age. The time when Romeo and Juliet risked the wrath of their fathers for love when Gretchen exposed herself to the gossip of her neighbors for assessment, love, is moral, no more.

If, on rare occasions young people allow themselves the luxury of romance they are taken in care by the elders, drilled and pounded until they become sensible. The moral lesson instilled in the girl is not whether the man has aroused her love, but rather is it, How much? The important and only God of practical American life: Can the man make a living? Can he support a wife? That is the self essay, only thing that justifies marriage. Machine. Gradually this saturates every thought of the girl; her dreams are not of moonlight and kisses, of laughter and tears; she dreams of shopping tours and self essay, bargain counters.

This soul-poverty and sordidness are the elements inherent in an essay, the marriage institution. The State and the Church approve of no other ideal, simply because it is the self, one that necessitates the State and Church control of owl apa citation machine, men and women. Doubtless there are people who continue to self essay consider love above dollars and cents. Particularly is this true of that class whom economic necessity has forced to become self-supporting. The tremendous change in womans position, wrought by that mighty factor, is indeed phenomenal when we reflect that it is but a short time since she has entered the industrial arena. Six million women wage-earners; six million women, who have the equal right with men to be exploited, to be robbed, to go on strike; aye, to starve even. Anything more, my lord?

Yes, six million age-workers in every walk of life, from the highest brain work to the most difficult menial labor in the mines and on Essay on Gun to High Murder the railroad tracks; yes, even detectives and policemen. Surely the emancipation is complete. Yet with all that, but a very small number of the vast army of women wage-workers look upon assessment essay, work as a permanent issue, in the same light as does man. No matter how decrepit the latter, he has been taught to be independent, self-supporting. Oh, I know that no one is really independent in our economic tread mill; still, the poorest specimen of a man hates to be a parasite; to be known as such, at Essay Control is Not the Answer to High Murder Rates, any rate. The woman considers her position as worker transitory, to be thrown aside for the first bidder. That is why it is self essay, infinitely harder to organize women than men. Kohlberg Moral Theory. Why should I join a union? I am going to get married, to have a home. Has she not been taught from infancy to look upon assessment essay, that as her ultimate calling?

She learns soon enough that the home, though not so large a prison as the machine, factory, has more solid doors and bars. It has a keeper so faithful that naught can escape him. The most tragic part, however, is that the home no longer frees her from wage slavery; it only increases her task. According to the latest statistics submitted before a Committee on labor and self assessment, wages, and congestion of Population, ten per cent. of the wage workers in New York City alone are married, yet they must continue to work at the most poorly paid labor in the world. Hamlet Kenneth Full. Add to self this horrible aspect the drudgery of house work, and hamlet full, what remains of the protection and assessment, glory of the What´s Knowledge, home? As a matter of fact, even the middle class girl in marriage can not speak of her home, since it is the man who creates her sphere.

It is not important whether the assessment essay, husband is a brute or a darling. What I wish to prove is that marriage guarantees woman a home only by the grace of her husband. There she moves about in Knowledge Translation? Essay, his home, year after year until her aspect of assessment essay, life and human affairs becomes as flat, narrow, and drab as her surroundings. Small wonder if she becomes a nag, petty, quarrelsome, gossipy, unbearable, thus driving the Knowledge, man from the house. Self Assessment. She could not go, if she wanted to; there is no place to go.

Besides, a short period of married life, of complete surrender of all faculties, absolutely incapacitates the average woman for the outside world. She becomes reckless in appearance, clumsy in her movements, dependent in her decisions, cowardly in her judgment, a weight and a bore, which most men grow to hate and despise. Wonderfully inspiring atmosphere for the bearing of life, is it not? But the Essay on Gun is Not to High Rates, child, how is it to self assessment be protected, if not for marriage? After all, is not that the most important consideration? The sham, the hypocrisy of it! Marriage protecting the child, yet thousands of children destitute and kohlberg moral development theory, homeless.

Marriage protecting the child, yet orphan asylums and reformatories over crowded, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children keeping busy in rescuing the little victims from loving parents, to place them under more loving care, the assessment essay, Gerry Society. Oh, the hamlet kenneth branagh full, mockery of it! Marriage may have the power to bring the horse to water, but has it ever made him drink? The law will place the father under arrest, and put him in convicts clothes; but has that ever stilled the hunger of the child? If the parent has no work, or if he hides his identity, what does marriage do then? It invokes the law to bring the man to justice, to self put him safely behind closed doors; his labor, however, goes not to theory the child, but to the State. The child receives but a blighted memory of its fathers stripes. As to the protection of the self assessment essay, woman,---therein lies the on Gun is Not to High Murder Rates, curse of marriage. Not that it really protects her, but the very idea is so revolting, such an outrage and insult on life, so degrading to assessment essay human dignity, as to forever condemn this parasitic institution.

It is like that other paternal arrangement ---capitalism. It robs man of his birthright, stunts his growth, poisons his body, keeps him in Control is Not Murder Rates, ignorance, in assessment, poverty and dependence, and then institutes charities that thrive on the last vestige of mans self-respect. The institution of marriage makes a parasite of woman, an absolute dependent. It incapacitates her for lifes struggle, annihilates her social consciousness, paralyzes her imagination, and then imposes its gracious protection, which is in reality a snare, a travesty on human character. If motherhood is the highest fulfillment of womans nature, what other protection does it need save love and freedom? Marriage but defiles, outrages, and corrupts her fulfillment. Does it not say to woman, Only when you follow me shall you bring forth life? Does it not condemn her to the block, does it not degrade and shame her if she refuses to buy her right to motherhood by selling herself? Does not marriage only sanction motherhood, even though conceived in hatred, in compulsion? Yet, if motherhood be of free choice, of love, of ecstasy, of hamlet branagh full movie, defiant passion, does it not place a crown of thorns upon an innocent head and essay, carve in letters of blood the hideous epithet, Bastard? Were marriage to contain all the virtues claimed for took, it, its crimes against motherhood would exclude it forever from the realm of love.

Love, the strongest and deepest element in all life, the harbinger of hope, of joy, of ecstasy; love, the defier of all laws, of assessment essay, all conventions; love, the freest, the most powerful moulder of human destiny; how can such an all-compelling force be synonymous with that poor little State and Church-begotten weed, marriage? Free love? As if love is anything but free! Man has bought brains, but all the how to into, millions in self assessment essay, the world have failed to kohlberg moral buy love. Man has subdued bodies, but all the power on earth has been unable to subdue love. Man has conquered whole nations, but all his armies could not conquer love. Man has chained and fettered the spirit, but he has been utterly helpless before love.

High on a throne, with all the splendor and pomp his gold can command, man is yet poor and assessment essay, desolate, if love passes him by. And if it stays, the poorest hovel is radiant with warmth, with life and moral, color. Thus love has the magic power to make of self, a beggar a king. Kenneth Branagh Full. Yes, love is free; it can dwell in no other atmosphere. In freedom it gives itself unreservedly, abundantly, completely. All the laws on the statutes, all the courts in the universe, cannot tear it from the soil, once love has taken root. If, however, the soil is sterile, how can marriage make it bear fruit?

It is like the last desperate struggle of fleeting life against death. Love needs no protection; it is its own protection. So long as love begets life no child is deserted, or hungry, or famished for the want of assessment essay, affection. I know this to be true. Knowledge. I know women who became mothers in self assessment essay, freedom by the men they loved. Few children in wedlock enjoy the care, the protection, the devotion free motherhood is Essay is Not the Answer to High, capable of bestowing. The defenders of authority dread the advent of a free motherhood, lest it will rob them of their prey. Who would fight wars?

Who would create wealth? Who would make the policeman, the jailer, if woman were to refuse the self assessment essay, indiscriminate breeding of children? The race, the race! shouts the king, the president, the capitalist, the kenneth branagh, priest. The race must be preserved, though woman be degraded to a mere machine, --- and the marriage institution is self essay, our only the "march on august, safety valve against the pernicious sex-awakening of woman. But in vain these frantic efforts to maintain a state of self essay, bondage. In vain, too, the turn an essay into, edicts of the Church, the mad attacks of rulers, in vain even the arm of the law. Woman no longer wants to be a party to the production of a race of sickly, feeble, decrepit, wretched human beings, who have neither the strength nor moral courage to throw off the yoke of poverty and slavery. Self Assessment Essay. Instead she desires fewer and better children, begotten and reared in love and hamlet kenneth branagh movie, through free choice; not by compulsion, as marriage imposes. Our pseudo-moralists have yet to learn the deep sense of responsibility toward the child, that love in freedom has awakened in the breast of woman.

Rather would she forego forever the glory of motherhood than bring forth life in an atmosphere that breathes only destruction and death. Self Assessment Essay. And if she does become a mother, it is to give to the child the deepest and best her being can yield. To grow with the hamlet branagh movie, child is her motto; she knows that in that manner alone call she help build true manhood and womanhood. Ibsen must have had a vision of assessment, a free mother, when, with a master stroke, he portrayed Mrs. Alving. She was the ideal mother because she had outgrown marriage and owl apa citation machine, all its horrors, because she had broken her chains, and set her spirit free to soar until it returned a personality, regenerated and strong. Alas, it was too late to rescue her lifes joy, her Oswald; but not too late to realize that love in freedom is the only condition of a beautiful life. Those who, like Mrs. Alving, have paid with blood and tears for their spiritual awakening, repudiate marriage as an imposition, a shallow, empty mockery. They know, whether love last but one brief span of time or for assessment essay, eternity, it is the only creative, inspiring, elevating basis for a new race, a new world.

In our present pygmy state love is indeed a stranger to most people. Misunderstood and shunned, it rarely takes root; or if it does, it soon withers and dies. Its delicate fiber can not endure the stress and strain of the daily grind. Its soul is too complex to adjust itself to What´s Knowledge the slimy woof of assessment, our social fabric. It weeps and moans and suffers with those who have need of it, yet lack the capacity to rise to loves summit. Some day, some day men and women will rise, they will reach the is Not the Answer to High Murder Rates, mountain peak, they will meet big and strong and free, ready to receive, to assessment essay partake, and to bask in on washington" took place 28, 1963., the golden rays of love. What fancy, what imagination, what poetic genius can foresee even approximately the potentialities of such a force in the life of men and women.

If the world is ever to give birth to true companionship and oneness, not marriage, but love will be the parent. To volunteer for the MIA, Email our Admin Committee.