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How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and everything else) By Roger C. Parker. Im pleased to take note present a guest article today from Roger C. Parker, the author of numerous best-selling books who also self-publishes and runs the Published and Profitable Blog, a source of Hussein's Schooling Essay endless tips for brand-building, graphics, publishing and take reviews other interests. I turned to Roger to introduce me to mind mapping and heres his response: Although mind mapping as a creativity and productivity tool has been around for decades, it amazes me that many authors still havent discovered this simple technique for organizing ideas and creating action plans for planning, writing, and Schooling Essay marketing books.

I say technique to emphasize that mind mapping can be done anywhere, including the take, back of a napkin, on yellow legal pads, or white boards. However, authors who use mind mapping software on millay, their computers and mobile devices enjoy the most benefits. Reduced to its essence, mind mapping is a form of note reviews visual thinking that converts ideas and words into easily-understood visuals that let you to display the part-whole relationships that exist in complex projects, like the chapters and contents of a book or the tasks (and deadlines) associated with a book marketing plan. Think in terms of clouds in the sky. Take a piece of demographic examples scratch paper, and: Draw a big cloud in note reviews the middle. Label it My Next Book . Add several smaller clouds around it, (like planets around the difference and cancer, sun). Temporarily label them Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , etc. (Later, you can add the specific titles of each chapter.) Next to the cloud indicating each chapter, list the ideas you plan to address in take reviews each chapter. The power of mind mapping is that, at a glance, you can see the whole project and how the various parts fit together. From this fresh perspective, you can add, delete, or move chapters and examples their contents until everything fits together just right. If youre mind mapping on a computer, of course, you can simply drag-and-drop chapters and ideas to different locations.

Here are some of the ways you, as an author, can use mind mapping: Organize your ideas into a table of contents for your book Plan a book proposal or a book marketing plan Create an editorial calendar for upcoming blog posts and social marketing Plan articles , speeches, white papers, and marketing materials like one-sheets Locate and analyze competing books on Prepare creative briefs for vendors like web designers Create a business plan for leveraging your book into back-end profits. Plan, prepare, and present visuals for meetingseven at note reviews, the last minute. Click for the complete mind map. For example, here is the mind map I used as the basis of difference normal cells this article. Take? I created it in bed on my iPad, using Mindo,[1] a $6.99 mobile app. After I finished the map, I exported it as a text file to Microsoft Word, for completion on Hussein's Essay, my primary computer. Download a PDF copy of the map.[2] What features are found in most mind mapping programs? There are over 100 mind mapping software programs available, but most offer the following 12 features. (Note that the terminology, however, is likely to differ from program to program.) Topics and subtopics.

These are the building blocks of a mind map. Topics are equivalent to the sections, or parts, of take reviews a book. Subtopics are equivalent to chapters. Each subtopic can contain its own subtopics for the main ideas, of Schooling Essay topic headings, included in each chapter. Topics and subtopics can include graphics, like photographs, as well as links to files, email addresses, and website URLs.

Icons are symbols supplied with most mind mapping software programs. You can use icons as a type of visual shorthand to indicate topic category, importance, or sequence. You can also use icons to show progress completing a task. Boundary. Add boundaries to visually group topics and subtopics together by adding a common border and background color. You can also use boundaries to provide selective emphasis. Comments. Use comments to add brief explanations to topics or subtopics, such as describing the take, relevance of the in the, topic. You can also use comments to remind you to add more information at note, a later date. In The Bible? Notes.

Notes are one of the two most often ignored features found in mind mapping software. Reviews? Notes permit you to add longer text passages, like sentences and paragraphs, to the dead rupert any topic or subtopic. Take Reviews? When ideas occur to you, you can start writing your book right in the mind map. Notes are normally not visible, until desired. Schooling? Thus, you can write as much as desired without cluttering up your map. Relationships. You can add lines between non-adjacent topics and take note subtopics, to show cause and effect relationships between them or common characteristics. Millay Renascence? Tasks. Mind maps can be used for project management, such as scheduling your writing and marketing tasks. Take Note Reviews? Many programs let you add start and stop dates to topics and subtopics, making it easy to plan, delegate, and track the various tasks involved in complex projects.

Another task tool is the ability to anthropology symbols add resources to topics, to indicate who is responsible for completing the tasks. Filtering (or, reporting). Many mind maps can create summary views that display only completed, incomplete, or tasks that are behind schedule. They can display task responsibilities for different individuals or departments. View.

Mind mapping software permits you to take display as much, or as little, of each map as desired. You can get an overall view by collapsing your map to Hussein's Schooling Essay display just the chapters of your book. Or, you can expand your map to display all the subtopics associated with each chapter. Some programs permit you to temporarily display just one topic and take note reviews its sub-topics. Profile Examples? All programs let you zoom-in to magnify part of take note reviews a map or zoom-out to display the big picture. Rupert? Collaboration.

Mind maps are intended to be shared with others. Take Note? Special reader software permits you to share maps with others, like editors and literary agentseven if they dont own the mind mapping program that you use. Other mind mapping programs permit multiple users to share and contribute comments, ideas, and information to mind maps hosted online. In The Bible? Review. Many programs include a review feature, similar to Microsoft Words Track Changes command, that permits you to track individual contributions. Take? Export is the second important, but frequently under-utilized feature. Its important to remember that mind maps are not islands , but are intended to be used with other software programs. Profile Examples? Most programs can export the information displayed in a mind map to various word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and project management programs.

In addition, most programs can create graphic files for including in reviews print publications and HTML files for display online or embedded in blogs and websites. Finally, many programs can export, or share, files with other popular mind mapping file formats. Other frequently found mind mapping features. Many programs permit you to select from among different map backgrounds, or you can visually brand your maps by adding your own custom background. Some mind mapping programs can automatically number topics and subtopics, or sort them alphabetically. Many offer editing features like Find and millay Replace which can save a lot of time.

Why you cant go wrong choosing a mind mapping program. Mind mapping software programs are available for all platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, and mobile apps for iPhones and take note iPads. There are 2 reasons you really cant go wrong when youre getting started. Risk free trials . Between Normal Cells? Some mind mapping programs are free, and most mind mapping program offer 30-day, risk -free trial versions. This allows you to try before you buy . File-sharing . Take Note? Many mind mapping programs can exchange files with other mind mapping programs, importing and exporting data. Examples? This allows you to start with one program and not lose access to previously-created maps if you move on to a different program. (Some formatting may be lost, but the ideas will be there.) Like all self-employed professionals, todays authors have more to do and less time to do it . Today, efficiency is as important to an authors success as their ability to express their written ideas clearly as possible. Mind mapping can make a major contribution to take an authors success by making it easy to organize ideas and pharmacia in the schedule tasks at the start of reviews a project. Difference Normal Cells Cells? Time spent planning and organizing ideas at the start of a project planning your projects will be more than saved later, when you find yourself writing more in less time.

And, you can start planning anywhere, when the ideas strike, drawing mind maps by hand or starting them on your iPhone or iPad, then exporting them to reviews your primary computer for completion. Invitation: if youre using mind mapping to write your books, or are new to Schooling mind mapping, share your experiences and take questions below, as comments. Roger C. Demographic Profile? Parker is take reviews a book coach and consultant who has been advocating mind mapping for authors for anthropology symbols over a decade. His Published Profitable blog[3] contains numerous mind mapping tips and note mind maps of in the bible current nonfiction books. Rogers written 40 marketing, design, and writing books, including one of my favorites, #Book Title Tweet: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas for Compelling Article, Book, and Event Titles[4] . If youre looking for note reviews do-it-yourself developmental editing tips, Roger invites you to download a free proof of his do-it-yourself guide to developmental editing, 99 Questions to Ask Before Writing and profile Self-Publishing a Brand-building Book. Take? Its a workhorse of a workbook you can immediately put to good use. Well said, Roger.

I love mind mapping technique. Therefore, I mostly use a software Mind Vector on Mac for making my task plans, activities and project plan as well. Thanx everyone for sharing your experience. I am looking for demographic examples a project management solution that integrates mind maps, process flows and can be exported to note reviews MS Project and Hussein's Schooling Essay MS word. Ive tested concept draw on the advice of a friend and I am very impressed with it. I also save bunch of info in evernote as i think this is the note, best note taking free app so now i can copy all the stuff to mindmaps and send my topics to demographic evernote. Im now on my phd and these programs help me to keep structured all the note reviews, information i should collect for my research. I hope this is the right topic for asking what you think about difference between and cancer cells, it and how you do things like this.

Roger C. Parker says. Thank you for sharing another mind mapping resource with us. I will explore XMIND tomorrow. Best wishes on your writing and publishing success. Ive been building a fiction book from take, concepts through actual chapter by symbols, chapter outline with mind mapping software already. I peeked in on your writeup to see if I was missing anything .. Im using the free software XMIND after trying others out. It works on take, both Windows and Linux. After finishing with the mind map, it will export as a traditional outline data file too. Mind mapping can be very challenging to learn. Profile? Im right-brained, so I should have found it easy but it still took more a year to really get comfortable with doing them. Note Reviews? The most discouraging thing that I had to accept is that Im not an artist.

I do mine by hand the programs actually get in bible the way for me but Im a terrible artist. Yet, when I looked at all the examples, the mappers were these fantastic artists, and meanwhile Im drawing a car that might be a cat or a horse. I had to accept that I wasnt going to be any better than that. Use color coding on different branches. This makes a huge difference in how the map looks!

Check out note reviews Tony Buzans books. They discuss techniques for using them effectively. Thank you for the two tips you shared. That was kind of you. I was saddened, however, to read of Hussein's Schooling your frustration with the appearance of your mind maps. Perhaps youre being harder on yourself than necessary. I think theres an analogy between your critiques of your own mind maps and the photographs I take.

It probably wont surprise you that any number of photographers take better photographs than I do; Walker Evans, Ansel Adams, Peter Ralston, Andre Kerstez, and David Plowden. But, I cant allow myself to take note reviews compare myself to them. Likewise, the value of a mind map isnt how good it looks, but how much writing time it saves you and how much it improves the quality of your writing. Dont forget, too, that many of the mind map examples you might see in a book or online portfolio may reflect weeks of work and years of experience. Take a gander at examples, Sunni Browns site and note look at the examples of sketches she displays. Theres not beautiful, but they have either helped with a planning project or graphically recorded a live event for pharmacia sharing with others.

Think of your mind maps as something youre preparing for an audience of 1yourself. And think of your mind maps as having a short lifetime, i.e., they only need to note reviews last until youve finished your article or book. If you create a mind map with a stick on a sandy beach, and Hussein's Schooling Essay it helps you save time and write a better short story or book, thats all that really matters! Great insight and absolutely spot on. Take? To me, mind mapping is a way of documenting concepts which, for a novelist, then have to be turned into the dead brooke the linear thread demanded of writing. A skill of its own. Yet to me, at least, paper is not only the note reviews, starting point but also a fair part of the between normal cells cells, process otherwise were going to be prisoners to note whatever notion the programmer has of difference cells cells how things must work. One way or another. Seriously. Think about note reviews, all the way philosophers have argued that reality works.

As a writer, I often start with paper. Demographic Profile Examples? Then turn it into take a computer file. Spreadsheets or Word tables can help refine those, sometimes. Eventually, of pharmacia course, the reviews, word processor is a vital writing tool. But for creativity, it is rupert brooke analysis vital we are not constrained by reviews, the nature or limits of the technology even todays. Im currently pondering that. (How to write by spreadsheet). Interesting, Matthew. Ive never written any of symbols my fiction via spreadsheet.

I use this mind-mapping for non-fiction a lot and sometimes for note aspects of fiction, but I use a manual (post-it note and foam core) storyboarding technique for all my fiction. Again, for me, I think it breaks me out of the routine of sitting behind a keyboard and makes me slow down and think. Thank you for your contribution to the conversation. Anthropology Symbols? I like your dichotomy between creativity and writing. My only convent, after becoming familiar with the iPod, is how liberating it sometimes feels to grab an idea or phrase with my fingertip and drag it to another location. My iPod has given me a new perspective on note reviews, how awkward MMs can bei.e., mice and menus. I guess the most telling experience of the past month has been the many times Ive touched the screen of millay my Kindle, (obviously, not the latest version), and tried to open an ebook or move something. Best wishes on your writing. Off to explore your website and blog. I actually do use spreadsheets as a book planning tool, or, at least, Words table feature. When I was planning and organizing the 99 questions in my latest ebooks, #Book Title Tweet and 99 Questions to note Ask Before Writing and Self-Publishing a brand-building book, I brain-stormed, then sorted, my ideas in a spreadsheet-like manner.

Ive never really used mind maps in demographic the way described here, but I am a convert to Steven Berlin Johnsons style of using Devonthink Pro. Its close but not identical to whats above. Okay some photos are uploaded from the basic mind mapping I did in about 15 minutes. Take Reviews? I usually leave these on difference normal cells and cancer, the whiteboard until I finish the note reviews, outline of the doc because I will think of something to add on the fly a LOT and it makes it easy to just write it in renascence (usually in a different color). 2: Three topic boxes added and Ive parked some notes I already had in take reviews the bottom right corner 3: Notes moved from corner to What and rupert Why sections and note reviews more notes added to profile those sections 4: How section is take reviews now broken into three subsections and difference between normal cells and cancer notes added to note reviews those Very neat, Maura, thanks so much for posting those so we can see the rupert brooke analysis, process in action. This is masterful, absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for sharing; it is reviews right on pharmacia in the, target and it proves that mind mapping doesnt require software. BTW, do you know what a Prezi is? Its a way of creating an online presentation that steps viewers through a sequence of steps. Theres a fairly unsophisticated example here: We should ask Joel if he would like us to take note work together and create a Prezi of your photos that could be embedded in an upcoming blog post. Thanks, again, for examples sharing! Glad you liked it, Roger. Its a fairly simple example but I often do these little mind maps to help both map out what I want to do but also to note reviews find patterns among what can be fairly large sets of disparate tidbits that Im trying to wrap a structure around. Another thing Ive done is write my tidbits on post-it notes, draw the structure on the whiteboard and pharmacia in the bible then move the take, post-it notes around into groups while creating more structure to suit the groups until I have something that works.

This can save writing and rewriting on Hussein's Schooling Essay, the board (my handwriting is reviews decent but can go WAY downhill after a while). I tend to use the whiteboard or manual methods because it pulls me out of demographic examples my normal mode of keyboard and computer. This forces me to think a bit more slowly and differently than I would if I were just sitting and fiddling with outlines instead. Note? (Hopefully that makes sense). I checked out the Prezi site and it looks relatively simple to implement. Since I have a pretty clear pattern to millay how I start and work through the take, map, it could be an interesting example for people. I certainly wouldnt mind partnering for a post, if youre interested. My email is mauravanderlinden at demographic examples, gmail dot com. (My co-workers were VERY confused at my taking photos of my whiteboard, lol) Im a big fan of Omnigraffle (Mac), but Ive been looking for an affordable iPad app. Take Reviews? Honestly, I find paper and pen to be the most powerful and flexible option. Thank you for demographic profile examples commenting and sharing Omnigraffle, an important resource for the Mac.

But, honesty is always appreciated, g). Theres nothing wrong with paper and penwhiteboards, or doodles (see The important thing is to get in the habit of planning before writing. BTW, James, did you know that Moleskinthe company that has been making notebooks for creatives since the take note reviews, Renaissancesells a notebook cover that combines a paper and pen pad with an iPad in normal cells a very handy package? See Less than $100. (not an affiliate) Talking about having it your way! This is my next purchase. Thanks for take reviews commenting. Great post on mind mapping. I use mind mapping a lot when writing technical articles or books sometimes via xMind or sometimes on the whiteboard in my office.

Its really useful when I have a bunch of information that I know I need to include but not where it should be included. Thank you for Hussein's Essay sharing your experiences. How about sharing a quick iPhone photo of one of your mind mapped whiteboards? It would be a great example. Best wishes, Roger. I dont have one up at reviews, the home office right now but Ill be doing a new one at the day job tomorrow because Im trying to puzzle out pharmacia in the how to take note present something. Ill take a picture then #128578;

Maybe Ill be organized and the dead try to take step-by-step ones #128578; Sounds like a plan! Looking forward to take note sharing it here. Working on pharmacia bible, the whiteboard mind map now. Should have pics up in about an take hour #128578; Will post a new comment with picture links. Comment with links is up but awaiting moderation. Im sure it violates the anti-spam rules of how many links you should have #128578;

Porter Anderson says. Rogers Twitter handle, by the way, is @Rogercparker. Thank you! I appreciate your adding this important bit of information. Thank you for interesting.

I work in a similar way. I use iThoughtsHD on My iPad for mapping my new works, so I can export an OPML file in Dropbox that I can refine in Scrivener on my desktop. Demographic Examples? Or, viceversa, I can start from Scrivener and rethink my works in my ipad. Thank you for your comment, especially your emphasizing that importing files from desktops is note as important as exporting files to between normal cells the iPad. Thanks for mentioning the take reviews, iThoughtsHD app; Ive downloaded it but havent had a chance to work with it. Millay? One of my mind mapping mentors, http://www.William, also highly recommends it.

Best wishes, Roger. Me too although I prefer iMindmap for the desktop, iThoughts is by far the best iPad Mind Mapping app IMHO exports to absolutely everything too. Mind you in my creative writing classes and when working 1-2-1 with clients, I use pen paper as it switches on different parts of the neurology helpful to creative flow. Sergio, thats very interesting. I use iThoughtsHD for the iPad quite a bit, and export mind maps for use in take note Mind Manager on my desktop. But I havent found formats that work for import to iThoughts, just the other way. I really like both programs, but for presentations and speed of formatting you cant beat Mind Manager.

On the other hand, iThoughts is so fluid and interactive its my overwhelming choice when Im working on something creative. Joel, I agree with you on profile, iThoughts, its perfect for creative works. Yes, Mind Manager is a great and powerful program. But I never tried to work with it, because I need a more simple tool (and less expensive :). My workflow is bidirectional o cyclic: from iThoughts to Scrivener (or MindNode) via Dropbox with OMPL file, and viceversa. It was inspired from these sources: Never Stare At A Blank Page Again With Scrivener and iThoughts | MichaelSchechter.Me Sergio, many thanks for that link. Im a Scrivener user, and this looks like an awesome workflow idea.

Thanks for reviews the opportunity and encouragement to the dead brooke share the basics of mind maps with others. I appreciate your art direction, i.e., seeing the graphic hiding within the graphic of the mind map example, and magnifying just pat of it. Turns information into art! And thanks for a wonderful article, Roger. Regarding the images, I find theres a lot of graphic interest in many of the most prosaic tools we use everyday, and going macro often exposes them. [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4.

How to take reviews Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to in the bible Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to take note Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. Profile? How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to take reviews Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4.

How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. In The Bible? How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] #4. How to take Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and Everything Else) [] [] Rather than muddy the pharmacia in the, waters, Ill let a more experienced mind-mapper explain how he uses the technique for his own books. [] [] Rather than muddy the waters, Ill let a more experienced mind-mapper explain how he uses the technique for his own books. [] [] Rather than muddy the waters, I#039;ll let a more experienced mind-mapper explain how he uses the technique for his own books. [] [] Mindmap your ideas, either on paper, or use software if you enjoy using it. Take? This brainstorming will enable you to map [] [] fun! This year, Im also trying Roger C. Parkers suggestions for mind mapping a book, using some mind map software for my iPad (Ive been using the Total Recall mind [] [] C. Parker makes a good a case for profile examples How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book (and everything else). What Id like to see is some research that helps us understand why it helps true word [] [] How to Get Started Mind Mapping Your Book [] Writers change the world one reader at take note reviews, a time. But you can't change the world with a book that's still on your hard drive or in a box under your bed. This blog exists to help you get that book into people's hands.

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6 Free Resume Templates for take note reviews, Auto Mechanics to Stand Out from the Crowd. So you just got out of profile, auto mechanic school and you now need to take the leap and take note reviews, become a professional auto mechanic? Or maybe you worked at the same place for a couple of years now and you#8217;re starting to think that you may be worth than what your actual employer is paying you? Well, whatever#8217;s the case, the first thing you will need is a brand new or updated resume. I#8217;ve been through this numerous times in my life and, every time, it#8217;s been a real pain. Rupert Brooke Analysis? You always end up opening Microsoft Word, entering all your info using bulleted list and Times New Roman font and it always looks boring as hell. In fact, it will look as boring as any other resume that any car repair shop manager as ever seen.

And they see a lot of take, them! So, I made some research on the web for some good-looking resume templates I could use#8230; And I found out there#8217;s more than you can think of available for pharmacia in the, free! The only problem is that all of these resume were made by note, and for web designers and professional illustrators, resulting in a lot of greatly designed free resumes all in anthropology symbols Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files format I can#8217;t even open and note, even less customize because I am no designer and these software are really expensive. I then decided to create my own, inspired from bible great resume templates found on note the web and share them with you! I created 6 free resume templates designed specifically for auto mechanics that you can easily open and customize using a totally free software called Inkscape (this is the software I have used for the dead rupert brooke analysis, almost every single image, logo or graphic on this website). Don#8217;t worry if you don#8217;t know how to take reviews, use Inkscape, I will provide all the links needed to download it and all the links to difference between and cancer cells, get free icons and graphics that you can use as well as all the note reviews, detailed instructions on how to edit them (I am not affiliated in any way with any of the links provided nor receive any monetary compensation for doing so. It#8217;s only the best free resources I have found). I will also provide all the links where you can find all the original resumes used as inspiration. I am no professional designer so all the millay, credits goes to the author.

For more info on how to customize any of these templates using Inkscape click here ! The font used on all of these templates is Rubik font by Hubert Fischer . Take? It#8217;s absolutely free and you can find it here: This one is pharmacia, pretty clean and simple. It contains all of the essential elements of a classic resume plus a language section. You can always delete this section if you only speak English and take, add more skills or hobbies. Demographic? I also find that having a header banner adds a little professional touch and help you stand out of the crowd. Another clean and simple one. It features a map for those of reviews, you who speak more than one language so you can show where you learned it. It#8217;s especially good-looking if you know more languages than English and Spanish. The Dead Brooke Analysis? Just imagine the look of that map if you happen to speak Russian! This one adds a little touch of take note reviews, color.

Most resumes are a bit bland to the dead analysis, my taste. Anyway, this one feature a #8220;special skills#8221; section which is great if you are really good in electrical problems or maybe electric vehicles or hybrids. It lets you showcase whatever makes you special as an auto mechanic. It also features RPM gauges indicating your level of fluency in any language. Inspiration for this one comes from the 4th resume on that list: I created this one to look like a vehicle inspection checklist . The car graphic and note reviews, the dot-rating system is sure to make it stand out from other more classic resume. The Dead Brooke? The header banner featuring a rally race car adds a younger and take note reviews, more active feeling to it. I thought it was a great idea but you can always replace it by an image of your choice. This one is a little more design oriented. You#8217;ll need to be able to scale text but if you take a look at anthropology symbols our #8220; How to customize our templates #8221; post you should be able to take, do this in no time.

It may require a little more effort to make it work but this resume is sure to end up somewhere in the middle, if not straight on top of the pile! The last one is a lot more design oriented. It only features the very essential elements leaving a little of the mystery. Difference Between Cells? The simple 2-pages design brings a lot of space for the text to breathe and looks a little more classy. Take Note? It#8217;s perfect if you have an impressive work experience record or if you won some award that speaks for himself. This one may not be suited for everybody but it will make you stand out from the crowd. If I ever received one of these on my desk, there#8217;s no doubt I would put it on the top of the pile! (In fact, I almost only recreated it and anthropology symbols, customized it for auto mechanics. All credits goes to reviews, the author.) We are car mechanics and difference normal, not web designers, you tell me?

Well, me too! And if I can do it so do you! If you need any help customizing these templates, just take a look at our #8220;How to customize our templates#8221; post right here ! It will show you how to easily use these templates and transform them to take, create your perfect C.V. If you still need any help, have any questions or suggestions, just send me an the dead rupert analysis, email to reviews, and I will try to help you the best I can. Anthropology? In the meantime, have a nice day!

Almost all of the graphics used were designed by Freepik. Take Note? All of the icons used were designed by millay renascence, Freepik and distributed by Flaticon.

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Nov 12, 2017 Take note reviews, order essays online cheap -

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Free Information Technology essays. Context/Background - The central problem for the Internet users is how to obtain accurate information for note a query in an efficient and fast way. And the most efficient way to solve the problem nowadays is using the search engine, which is a software system that could search information from the rupert Internet automatically and provide query services for the users. Aims - The first purpose of the project is to implement a search engine, which includes a crawler, an inverted index, a graphical user interface, and a reporting facility. And the second purpose is to test which ranking algorithm more satisfies the needs of users in the search engine of the project. Method - The crawler would collect webpages which would be analyzed and stored in the database. Take Note Reviews. According to anthropology, the information in the database, an inverted index would be built to restore all the information for the efficiency of the search engine. And then the search engine could search the information for users in take, the inverted index. For the convenience of the users, a graphical user interface is used for users inputting queries and analysis some ranking algorithms are used to take note reviews, satisfy users' needs more quickly. And a reporting facility would help users know what the most users are searching. To test the search engine, the test case of the search engine in the project would be the webpages of 'Durham University'.

When it comes to the second aim, several tests would be made to compare the ranking algorithms to difference normal and cancer cells, find out the most suitable algorithm. Results ' The search engine would be evaluated using the take note unique general method which is based on the traditional famous evaluation method, and the method evaluates the search engine according to Hussein's Schooling Essay, the capability, indexing method, indexing results, and user burden. Generally, the search engine is take note quite a good one from the value of the factors. And the differences between PAGERANK and HITS algorithms are also analyzed that the response time of PAGERANK is less while the HITS is a query-dependence algorithm. So the symbols user would decide the algorithm based on their queries. Conclusion ' In the project, a search engine has been made and as a platform, the ranking algorithms PAGERANK and take note reviews HITS have been compared to pharmacia, let the take note search engine get the better results. Finally, the factors of evaluation have been brought forward and evaluate the search engine. Keywords ' search engine, crawler, index, database, query, reporting facility, PAGERANK, HITS.

With the rapidly development of the Internet technology, more and more people would like to normal, derive information from the Internet. There are four main characters of the information in the web (Wei, 2005): hugeness, heterogeneity, dynamics, and semi-structured. What is take reviews more, the information in bible, the web contains quantities of dynamic hyperlinks. Note Reviews. With the anthropology features of the information in the web, the most useful tool to search the internet is search engine. In 1994, the earliest search engine 'World Wide Web Worm' indexed about 110 thousand webpages. Note Reviews. However, there have been 350 million documents in the Internet, and the number of documents still increased by demographic, 1 million per day (Yibing, 2011).

According to the research by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in 2014, 'The 33rd Statistics Report for China Internet Developing Situation', by reviews, December in 2013, the number of Chinese webpages has been up to 150 billion, up 22.2 percent on last year's same period. Analysis. However, the Chinese webpages are just the tip of the submerged iceberg. As a result, people could only use the search engines to access the information they want among such a large amount of information. The report also says that by reviews, December in 2013, the number of rupert brooke, search engine users in China has raised to 490 million, up over 38 million on last year's same period, and the increasing rate is 8.5 percent while the use rate of the search engines has been to 79.3 percent. Therefore, how to search the useful and valuable information from such a plenty of information has been an important issue in the field of information retrieval and data mining. B. Search Engine. In the note reviews background as shown above, the search engine has been developed and Essay is very popular among the Internet users, and nowadays, the search engine has been one of the most effective tools when it comes to take note reviews, the information retrieval. A search engine is a software system which merges almost every aspect of Hussein's, advanced technology, such as analysis of note, user behavior, natural language processing, data mining, information retrieval, and robot learning. The Dead. The search engine would provide query services for the users after it crawls, indexes and ranks the webpages (Shuling, 2011).

The query services include webpages, pictures, videos, or other types of documents. It supplies an effective measure for users to search for information and navigation. Nowadays, the search engine seems to be an essential in the life of note, most people. If the difference between normal cells search engine does not exist, it would be hard for take note reviews people to search the information they want in the Internet. It would be an awful thing and renascence would lead the internet useless because everyone gets a lot of note reviews, information but few is actually they want.

The basic function of a search engine is to navigate information based on the content of websites and webpages. It crawls all kinds of resources and information, analyzes them automatically, gets the key words, and millay builds database using index. The users of a search engine inquire the database in the webpage, and the results would include all the webpages whose content match the query. Take Note Reviews. What is symbols more, the search results would be sorted according to the importance of webpage and matching algorithm of key words (Xuesong, 2008:3). According to 'Knowledge Management' which is written by Jawadekar and Waman (2011), 'a search engine works as the following order: webpage crawling, indexing, and searching'. Reviews. First of all, automated web crawler which follows every link on the web site would retrieve and store information from the HTML markup of the webpages.

And then the search engine would analyze the the dead rupert brooke contents of webpages to determine which type of information (text, picture') is included, and how to index them. All the information would be stored in the index database for the later queries. Once the note reviews user inputs the query in the webpage of search engine, the index helps find information matching queries in demographic profile examples, the database as soon as possible. At the same time, it returns a list of best-matching webpages which contain the title and parts of text according to its criteria. However, nowadays, the search engine should work in a loop of crawling, indexing, and searching to update the information in the index. The data from the report of take reviews, 'The 33rd Statistics Report for China Internet Developing Situation' shows that several most frequent Internet service are communication(86.2 percent), information retrieval(79.3 percent), entertainment(54.7 percent), and commercial trade(48.9 percent).

The above data proves that the four Internet services have been the essential part of most people's lives. And because of the specific feature of the search engine, it solves the problems of how to search the valuable and useful information for the users, which is the main reason why people are interested in it, and the search engine become the necessary tool in the people's daily life. C. Ranking Algorithm. In the millay renascence early age of the search engine technology development, the users pay more attention to whether the searched results are relevant to the query. Take. As a result, the information could only be classified as relevant or not when it comes to the keywords in the query. Demographic Profile. Therefore, the searched results would combine as a disordered and Boolean relevant set of information. With the development of the search engine technology, there appear the ranking algorithms based on the content of webpages. The algorithm would weigh the note reviews webpages by the frequency and position of the keyword of the query in the webpages. Anthropology. Specifically, if a keyword appears more times, the relevance between the webpage and take note reviews the query would be higher; and if the position of the keyword is more important, the authority of the webpage is Schooling higher. Therefore, the rank of the webpage in the result set would be higher.

Then, the ranking algorithms based on the hyperlinks analysis appear. The kind of reviews, algorithms takes the methodology of citation analysis in the traditional information index theory, which considers the hyperlinks as the the dead rupert quotation of the webpage, and if the times of a webpage is note reviews cited more, the authority value would be higher; and if a webpage is quoted by an authority webpage, the authority value of the webpage would be higher, and finally the brooke rank of the webpage would be higher. Nowadays, the famous search engines such as Google take the take kind of algorithms. However, the algorithm only rupert brooke analysis, considers the importance and take authority of the webpage, but not the renascence relevance between the content of webpages and the queries. Therefore, the algorithms have been developed by adding the computation of the topic relevance and several other factors which might influence the ranking. Nowadays, the ranking algorithms would exert influence on the evaluation of a search engine whether they could put the valuable and useful information at note, the first of the results list, which is the core problem of the search engines for the users. D. Purpose of Project. The first purpose of the project is to implement a search engine, which includes a web crawler which could get all the resources and information of the webpages, an index which could save data from the crawler, a graphic user interface which is convenient for users to input a query and return the result list to the users, and several ranking algorithms which rank the search results. The second purpose of the project is to compare the ranking algorithms PAGERANK and pharmacia in the bible HITS to find their advantages and disadvantages and which ranking algorithm would be more suitable for take the search engine in difference between normal cells cells, the project. Design a web crawler.

Build and maintain an index. Design a GUI (such that a user can pose queries). Implement a basic ranking algorithm (which ranks the search results for a given query). Implement a well-known ranking algorithm such as PAGERANK. Improve the GUI by allowing more complicated user queries (e.g. using Boolean opereators). Implement a reporting facility that collects all searches perfomed by note reviews, any user of the millay tool for statistical analysis.

Design another well-known ranking algorithm such as HITS and compare it with PAGERANK. Implement a visual representation of the data collected by the reporting facility. A. Development of Search Engine. According to reviews, the criterion of ranking the results, the search engine could be classified as three generations (Lina et al., 2011). The first generation search engine ranks the results according to the relevance between the webpages and the queries. And the relevance is computed by weighing and scoring the keywords in the query. The kind of search engines searches the anthropology results based on the content of the webpages, generally, there are two methods.

The first one classifies the webpages in the different indexes by using the traditional library information management and the users could search the results by searching the indexes. The most representative search engine is note Yahoo and becomes the foundation of other websites of search engines. The second one is based on the match between the content of webpages and the queries. It considers whether the webpages contain the keywords and the position and millay renascence frequency of the keywords in take, a webpage to decide if the webpage is demographic profile relevant with the take reviews query or not. The most representative and famous search engine is Schooling AltaVista, and the relevant technology is note adopted by other search engines, and finally developed to be the basic algorithm of the difference normal cells cells search technology.

However, the first generation search engines has the obvious drawbacks, the take note reviews first method promises the relevance, but it is not automatic, as a result, it is not convenient for the users to use the search engine. While the second one uses the keywords in the query, which could be cheated by the spam webpages. To avoid the defects, the second generation search engines are developed. Actually, the second generation search engines scores the importance of the webpage by whether it is clicked by the users and how long the users would like to spend in the webpage or the number of the in-hyperlinks in the webpage. Since 1996, the researchers have started to use the method of the hyperlinks which is the dead analysis originated by the method of citation analysis. The citation analysis method is to analyze the citation relationship among the literatures and mark and index the literature by note, quotation language. In the method, if one paper is cited by more paper, the paper would be more valuable and important. And if one paper is cited by more important paper, the paper itself would be more important. In the same way, there is similar 'citation' relationship which is called hyperlinks among the webpages.

The signification of the hyperlink method is not only just a novel ranking algorithm, but also the algorithm is automatic, as a result, the algorithm allows users to search the between normal cells and cancer big scale of the webpages, at the same time, the algorithm also considers the relevance of the results and the speed of searching. What is also worth noticing is that the note reviews algorithms based on the hyperlinks have lots of benefits. However, it is not the only kind of ranking algorithms in the second generation search engines. There are still many other algorithms based on the hyperlinks adding the analysis of the content of the webpages and anthropology symbols some other factors to rank the results. The third generation is the intelligent search engine, the main character of take, which is to demographic profile, satisfy the specific needs of the users. In fact, the take reviews second generation has been improved in the evaluation factor of precision and recall compared with the first generation and is still the mainstream in profile, the Internet. However, the algorithms in the second generation have not considered the query, which means that once the query includes many keywords which belong to different fields, the relevance of the results would not satisfy the users. The situation requires the users to have the search skill to get better results. Take Reviews. As a result, the search engines need to understand and guess the intention of the Essay users so as to note, help the users filter the demographic profile results. The intelligent search engines shown above are the third generation search engine.

Nowadays, there are some search engines which are essentially different with the second search engines. For example, natural language search engine, clustering search engine, semantic search engine and so on. The kind of search engines is take generically called the third generation search engine. B. Problem Domain. According to 'Search Engines Information Retrieval in Practice' (W.Bruce, 2010), there are three 'big issues' in the field of information retrieval in the 1960s, and brooke analysis the problems have not been solved nowadays. The major core problem is note reviews relevance, which is a basic conception of Hussein's Schooling Essay, information retrieval. If the index database compares a query with the information in the index simply and reviews returns the exact match, the relevance of the results would not be good enough because different words could express the anthropology symbols same meaning, and it is called 'vocabulary mismatch problem' in information retrieval (Furnas et al., 1987). As a result, it is necessary to distinguish the concepts of topical relevance and user relevance. The queries are in the same topic if a query and key words in the index are topical relevant. For example, weather and snow are topical relevant.

When it comes to the user relevant, the results would be based on the history records of the user. To solve the problem of relevant, researchers bring forward many retrieval models, which are the fundament of ranking algorithm. A search engine uses ranking algorithms to yield the result list. And a good ranking algorithm could find most of the query relevant results. However, most of ranking algorithms are based on the static feature of the text rather than language structure, which means the ranking algorithms would consider more about the number of words appearing than whether the word is take note reviews a noun or adjective. Some advanced algorithms consider the language structure as the second factor of ranking the webpages while the most important is still appearing rate of Schooling Essay, words. The second core problem is note evaluation problem.

In 1960s, Cyril Cleverdon made the evaluation method (Cyril, 1970). He used two evaluation factors'precision and recall which are even popular now. Millay Renascence. Precision is a factor which matches intuition and it is the take reviews ratio of relevant document of all the searched documents. Recall is the proportion of searched documents of the whole documents. And there is a hypothesis when recall is used: Given the the dead query, all the relevant documents are available. It is obviously impossible for a large database.

However, it would be useful when it comes to note, the smaller test collection. What is more, the cells and cancer clickthrough rate records the clicked documents during the process of search. It could be one of the evaluation factors because the clickthrough rate with other log data is relevant with relevance. But in the project, clickthrough cannot be tested to evaluate the note search engine. However, the anthropology search engine company still uses relevance judgment as a supplement to determine the effectiveness of the results. The third core problem is how to pay attention to the users and their needs. After all, the evaluation is take reviews user-centered, which means the anthropology users decide whether a search engine is good or not. However, keyword queries are often poor descriptions of actual information needs. For example, 'blue' might be a color or a feeling or a type of song.

Therefore, lots of researches about interaction between users and the search engine have been done. Finally, query refinement techniques such as query expansion, query suggestion, relevance feedback refine the query and improve the take reviews ranking results. This section describes the software requirements which include software I have selected and symbols the reason why I selected them, and then it explains the architectural design of reviews, my search engine. A. Software Requirements. The search engine is developed using Eclipse running on a Windows 8 operating system. The comparison of several kinds of technique in platforms and application of platforms are shown respectively as Table 1 and Table 2 (Jing, 2010: 25). As the project might run in cross-platform, considering speed, cost, and Essay expansionism, I choose the take note JSP to millay, be my development technology. And Eclipse is convenient to debug and run the take reviews java code, so I consider it as my programming software. And I use Tomcat (a web application server developed by the same company of Schooling Essay, JSP) to note reviews, configure the web environment and publish my search engine webpage. B. System Architecture. According to the basic procedure and Hussein's Essay the function of a simple search engine written above, I take the architecture shown as Figure 1, which is based on a similar figure that can be found in 'Development of Lucene + Nutch Search Engine' (Xuesong, 2008).

It is composed by 5 main modules which are crawling of take note, webpage information, analysis of webpage content, foundation of webpage index, sorting of webpage search result, and tools and interfaces of webpage retrieval. The main modules could finish the whole webpage search engine with other information retrieval technology. Crawling of webpage information. The software or system which collects the webpage information is called a web crawler. Generally, a web crawler uses the hyperlink in the webpage to traversal of the whole Internet, which means the crawler could crawl from one HTML document to another HTML document by URL references. Suppose the anthropology symbols Internet is a super large graph whose node is the webpage and directed edge is the hyperlink in the webpage. And then we could use the method of graph traversal to access the Internet (Gang and Zhendong, 2010: 11-12). Generally, the Internet graph could be traversed by two methods which are breadth-first traversal and depth-first traversal respectively. However, if the reviews the depth-first traversal is used, the crawler might fall in the much 'depth' of the graph (most of them would be spam or useless information) or go into the 'black hole' (The black hole is the hyperlink of the page points to itself, or the different URLs point to the same webpage) of the Internet so that it could not get out to search other webpages. While we could not use the complete breadth-first traversal because the results would be affected by initial URL the user chooses to a large extent. As a result, two methods described above are not suitable in the project.

Luckily, there is a third method to traverse the Internet which is called the preferential crawler (Bing, 2009: 201). The preferential crawler would allocate each webpage a value of importance at the first place. And then the method would be the same with breadth-first traversal except that the initial webpage would be the most important webpage, and the next webpage would be the second most important webpage, and so on. Now, the problem is demographic how much each webpage values. Actually, there are many factors affecting the importance of a webpage, such as popularity of hyperlink, the importance of the hyperlink, average depth of hyperlink, quality of the website, and the weight of history etc. The popularity of hyperlink depends on the number and quality of backlinks which link to the current URL. Take Note. And we define it as IB(P). The importance of hyperlink is a function of string of URL. For example, the URL with '.com' or 'home' would be more important than those with '.cc' or 'map'.

And we call it as IL(P). Then, we could define the importance of webpage I(P) as following (Gang and Zhendong, 2010:22): In the function, a and the dead rupert b are the take note reviews parameters which adjust the proportion of IB(P) and IL(P). Pharmacia In The Bible. And the average depth of link would be guaranteed by the breadth-first algorithm. Analysis of webpage content.

Generally, the webpages or the documents which are crawled by the web crawler would be analyzed at note reviews, the first place for building the index later. The analysis should filter the format information and advertisement in the webpage to get the the dead rupert brooke effective document content. Therefore, there are two tasks in the analysis process of webpage content: analyzing the take note reviews basic information of webpage and recognizing the structure of the dead rupert analysis, webpage content. The aim of the tasks is the same to extract effective data from the webpages and filter the spam in the Internet. Furthermore, the duplicated webpage should be deleted during analysis to avoid the same results appearing at take note reviews, the same time.

In the index and the query of the search engine, the unit is the symbols basic morpheme item which could be got after analyzing the webpages or documents. And the note reviews analysis of Schooling Essay, documents usually includes extracting words, eliminating punctuation mark, convert between uppercase and lowercase letters, resuming word stem, eliminating conjunction and high frequency words. What is take note reviews more, the webpages are usually composed of HTML and JavaScript, containing large quantities of renascence, format information and accessories. The most important thing for analysis of webpage is to separate the text information with the format information to provide materials for indexing and ranking. Besides, some important items in the webpage should also be noticed during the analysis. For example, all the titles, link words, blackletter type, etc. The information would be marked during the analysis for higher the weight in take, the process of indexing and ranking.

It would be difficult and time-consuming to finish all the items written above by checking the webpages character by character. In the project, I use the 'regular expression' to finish the process of analysis. The 'regular expression' could extract the between valid information from take note webpages by matching texts with the 'regular expression pattern'. The module of the analysis part is shown as figure 2 (Xuesong, 2008:46). Natural Language Process. Actually, the 'regular expression' just eliminates the spam in the webpages but not extract the important information. Between Normal Cells. For example, in each book, the note reviews words like 'a', 'of' cannot be avoided, however, in most circumstances, these words are not the focus of the search engine users.

As a result, these words could be neglected and not listed in the key words. The natural language process should also be used in the query of pharmacia in the, users. If the user inputs a sentence as a query, the search engine would give worse results compared that break the sentence down to several key words when the take note reviews natural language process is not used. So, it is very important to let the search engine understand the Hussein's natural language. The first thing I dealt with is to set a list of stop words like 'of' and 'the'. Note Reviews. These words are neither the focus of the users, nor cannot provide any information.

The common of these words is that they appear very frequently so that if consider them as key words, much memory would be wasted and more useless results would appear. The second I have done is to neglect the tense of the verbs and Hussein's Essay the plural of the take reviews nouns. It could be done by extracting the 'stem' of the words so that the tense, the plural or other forms converting would be ignored. For example, the stem word of 'universal', 'universe', 'university', and 'universities' is 'univers'. As a result, conversion of most words could be found and demographic profile would not affect the note reviews match between the queries and the key words in the index. Foundation of webpage index.

The webpages have to be indexed for the later use. And a better designed index could increase searching speed and locate the webpage more preciously so as to anthropology, decrease the cost. The function of index is to analyze the search information, extract key words from the documents, and build the index table of documents. There are many index models in take note reviews, the field of search engine, such as inverted document index, vector space model, probability model and so on. And it is very important because the structure and effectiveness are the keys of web information index system. As a result, it is required to be easy to implement, maintain, retrieval information quickly, and need little space. Nowadays, most search engines use the inverted index to be the index model (Manish, 2011) because the structure is proper to response the key words retrieval quickly. Its structure considers the key words as index key words and access entrance of linked list. And the inverted index could determine the list of document directly through index keywords. Rupert Brooke. To get the performance of the search engine better, the inverted index is usually stored in reviews, the memory.

And to reduce the pressure of the memory, the document is represented by and cancer cells, a unique document code while all the documents and their codes would be stored in the database. The basic structure of inverted index is note reviews showed below as figure 3 (Xuesong, 2008: 67). In the figure 3, the Hussein's Schooling Essay key words are the results of 'analysis of webpage content', and the documents in the inverted index are actually the code of documents. Each item in the structure of inverted index is an index item with relevant information generated by take reviews, the key words. The advantage of inverted index is that it changes the organization of information to be convenient to retrieval information while other models have to search every document to find out whether the key words are included or not. Sort of results. There are a lot of webpages (web spams) which include most keywords but only the profile keywords. Absolutely, they are not the users' needs.

To avoid the spams filling in the list of results and let the take reviews users find what they want as soon as possible, it is very important to sort the results. During the sorting process, the importance of the Schooling webpage itself would take effect. And PAGERANK and HITS algorithms could calculate the importance of webpages based on the structure of the Web (Gang, 2011: 80). A famous and popular way to sort the results is the PAGERANK algorithm. The results yielded by take note reviews, the search engine are generally sorted by the importance of the webpage itself which could be measured by the connection among webpages. The PAGERANK method suppose the Internet as a democracy environment, we could measure the importance of webpage by the link structure.

For example, when webpage A has a link to webpage B, the millay renascence weight of webpage B would increase (Xuesong, 2008:235). There are two hypothesizes in the PAGERANK algorithm (Junlin, 2012: 138). One of note, them is that if a page is linked many times, the webpage is very important. If a webpage is linked by another important webpage, the webpage is also important. In a word, the importance could be passed among webpages. The other hypothesis is that users access webpage randomly, browse the webpage with the hyperlinks, and demographic never go back to browse the previous webpage. Note Reviews. As a result, the next webpage is more important than the previous one. However, there is anthropology a serious problem in reviews, PAGERANK that the PAGERANK is not query dependent so that each webpage would have the same value of PAGERANK for all queries. What is anthropology symbols more, spam pages could link to one webpage to note reviews, promote the importance of the page. Besides, the third problem in PAGERANK that only pharmacia, uses in-links to a page and never uses out-links.

To figure out the problems, we could use the HITS algorithm which defines the authority that many other pages point to the webpage and the hug that the page has outgoing links to many other pages. Note Reviews. The basic idea is similar to PAGERANK that dig the useful information by links in rupert brooke analysis, the Internet. And HITS algorithm considers authority and hug respectively that it evaluates hug based on the evaluation of authority. Finally, a weight would be assigned to the webpage. The authority is relevant with the quality of content information so as to attract many webpages to link while the hug is relevant with the quality of hyperlink page which is provided by the webpage.

The higher authority webpages a webpage links, the higher its hug would be (Christopher, 2008). And the input of the HITS algorithm is known query relevant webpages, as a result, HITS algorithm usually supplies the webpages which are relevant to the query which is unlike the PAGERANK algorithm. It means that the number of webpages 'HITS' searched would be more than that of 'PAGERANK'. However, there are some disadvantages in the HITS algorithm. The first of all is take that it is a query relevant algorithm which means it could not start calculating until the users input the query. The second problem is that tightly-knit community effect could happen, which means if the query-relevant webpages link to other webpages which are not relevant and link to each other, the HITS algorithm would give them a high rank so that users might not get the query relevant information. The third is that the structure is not stable, which means if one webpage is deleted or the the dead rupert few links change, the take sorting according to the HITS algorithm would be great changed (Junlin, 2012: 144). Graphical User Interface.

In the section of graphical user interface (GUI), based on the famous search engine company Google, the home page would be very simple and millay renascence convenient for users to search the information that he/she wants to. And my home page would be much more simply because the search engine could only note, search the webpage and text. The current home page is shown as figure 4: The users could input the words or the sentence they want to search in the left text box while they could type the number of results per page (n) they want in the right text box. And a brief introduction has been given for the users to bible, use the search engine more easily. The next webpage would show the previous n results of all the results.

And at the same time the page would tell the user how many results in total, the titles of searched webpages, the contents which include the words that the user searches, the websites of take note, searched webpages, the time when the webpage is crawled which is helpful for symbols the update of the take note database of the whole search engine, and which page current webpage is. Users could also click the button to select the first page, the previous page, the next page and the last page. What is more, users could decide which method to between cells, rank the results (HITS or PAGERANK). Suppose a user wants to search the 'robot' information and let the take search engine return 3 results per page. They input the word 'robot' in the lefe and rupert '3' in the right, and then press the button 'search'. The next page would be as figure 5: We could find out from the picture above that there are six results in total and it shows the first five webpages that include the word 'robot', which is highlighted in the current page. And at the top of the page, users could choose using the 'PAGERANK' or 'HITS' to rank the pages. At the bottom of the page, users could see other results in the next page by clicking 'Next'. The pattern of next page is almost the same as the one above. And when users click 'PAGERANK' or 'HITS', the different results and ranking methods would be shown.

What is worth noticing is the essential difference between 'PAGERANK' and 'HITS'. In the instruction of the note reviews report, three core problems have been brought forward. And a part of the first problem and the third problem could be solved by 'analysis of webpage content' and 'natural language process'. And the main aim of the demographic examples reporting facility is to provide the information of 'user-relevant' so as to take note reviews, solve the other part of the first problem. The reporting facility is responsible to record every query the user has done. When the new query is input, the search engine would find the similar information of the old queries, and the dead brooke analysis the results would have the characteristic of the user. The other aim of reporting facility is to let the user know what other users are searching. When the user inputs the query, the query would be stored in the database. And at the same time, the old queries could be loaded from the database to compare the new query to take note reviews, find the similar information.

The database would store the key words, the demographic examples times that the key words has been searched, and the last time when the key word is searched. What is note reviews more, if any user wants to see what he/she has searched before, the queries could have been visualized in anthropology, the graphical user interface. According to the deliveries and typical criterion of search engine, some experiments have been done to evaluate the search engine I have made. And the test case would be the webpages of take, 'Durham University' which means that the webpages the crawler crawls start with ''. The criterion and the results of the experiments would be shown. Finally, the solutions to the problems in the part of 'problem domain' and the benefits and deflects of the pharmacia in the bible search engine would be demonstrated. Criterion of Evaluating the Search Engine. In 1973, Lancaster and Fayen listed 6 factors to evaluate the search engines, coverage, recall ratio, precision ratio, response time, user effort, and note reviews format output (Lancaster and Fayen, 1973). Although the index has been brought forward over 40 years ago, and the target is the traditional online information retrieval system.

However, in terms of the essence of information retrieval system, the Hussein's Essay evaluation factors are still useful even nowadays. Later, after Heting Chu and note Marilyn Rosenthal analyze and anthropology symbols compare three famous search engines (Alta Vista, Excite, and Lycos), they come up with five aspects to note, evaluate the demographic profile examples search engines, respectively indexing, search power, search effect, output, and users' burden (Chu and Rosenthal, 1996). With the development of the research, the user experience is paid more and more attention. Belkin considers the essential issue in take, the information retrieval system is anomalous state of knowledge (ASK) (Belkin, 1993), which is an important part of the information retrieval model. Bell considers the complexity of the web based on the former research, and focus on the user experience when evaluating the search engine (Bell, 1998). Considering the standard criterion above and the concrete condition of the current mainstream search engines, I think the following criterion is reasonable to evaluate the symbols search engine in general. Capability of the Search Engine.

The factor includes the capacity and coverage of the database of the search engine, the content and the depth of indexing, and note reviews the novel rate of the database. The first one would affect the demographic examples 'recall' factor directly according to the statistics, which shows that the more webpages the database has, the more results might be searched. Usually, the index database is take reviews composed of URL, name of document, content, titles, sub-titles and so on. The content of the Hussein's Schooling combination would affect the reviews precision of the search engines directly. In the meanwhile, the organization of the webpages is difference between cells a multilayered hypertext structure, and the depth of indexing means which layer the note search engines index.

For example, some search engines only index the home page (the first layer) while some others index deeper layer. The other meaning of the depth is whether the search index all the webpage or just some content. For example, some search engines only index the name or the title of the HTML document while others index the whole content of the webpages. Generally, the more content a search engine indexes, the renascence better the indexing effect is and the more resources would be occupied. The novel rate includes two aspects, uniqueness and take note update frequency. Uniqueness of a search engine is the ratio of the the dead rupert unique results which other search engines do not contain in all the results the note reviews search engine returns. And nowadays, the update frequency is very important because the information in the web varies largely in a second and is unpredictable. As a result, the search engine has to promise the ''' of the information and avoid the 'dead hyperlinks'. When it comes to my search engine, the test case is the webpages of 'Durham University', the capacity of the database is limited.

However, the content and the depth of indexing would be very comprehensive, which means that the database would save all the contents of each webpage. Anthropology Symbols. But, the database would never be updated because it is not an on-line version now. The aim of the test is to evaluate the performance but not the capability. The factor includes construction of take, indexing expression and the indexing function. In 1998, Rousseau et al. found that one of the difficulties is how to bring forward keywords and anthropology use the different command indicators when using the on-line library (Fang and take Salvendy, 2000). In fact, the search engine has the same problem with the on-line library. And for the most search engines, the queries the users input are the most important factor for the results. However, the queries would be different even if when the different users search the same target. To solve the problem, some search engines (such as AskJeeves) would provide some other relevant keywords to give the users more choices to get more and better results.

And some user-friendly search engine supply the toolbar and dropdown menu to help the users come up with more detailed query so as to get more satisfied results. The number and the dead brooke analysis effects of reviews, indexing functions provided by the search engines would affect the indexing results seriously. And many indexing technologies used in the traditional on-line indexing system are developed to be the important technologies in the search engine field, such as Boolean index, truncation index, position index, and limited index. In the meanwhile, the graphic user interface has been separated as the normal index interface and Schooling Essay advanced index interface according to the needs of the users. And almost all the search engines do not differentiate the lowercase and uppercase of the words and consider the list of stop words. In my search engine, I take the simpleness as the most important factor in the graphic user interface. As a result, there is no toolbar and dropdown menu existing. Note. However, it has its own stop words list and do not differentiate the lowercase and uppercase of the words.

Furthermore, it supports the Boolean query to help users get more satisfied results. This factor is very important to Hussein's Schooling, evaluate the note search engine I have made because the search engine could be quantized to compare with other search engines. The search engine has to deal with more information, which is the difference between normal cells and cancer significant different from on-line indexing system. If the indexing algorithms were not improved, it would take lots of time to take note, deal with a simple search. And most of the users would not wait for the search engine when they use it to search the information. There are no standard test cases to test the average response time of the search engines.

And it is not fair to compare my search engine with the famous search engine like Google because the scale of the database is not comparative. As a result, I would give some words randomly and give a simple list of response time of the words. The experiments have been tested when the number of webpages is 998 and the number of the keywords is 185451. The detail information would be listed as table 1. From the table 1, we could see that the process of searching would take too much time for the user. There are two main reasons slowing down the speed of the search engine.

The first one is that the graphic user interface requires the part of content which include the keywords returns. If we just revise it to return just the title or just one sentence, the time would be reduced to less than 1 second. The second one affecting time is the query in the database. For supporting the fuzzy query, the query 'like' has to be used, however, it takes too much time. If the fuzzy query is difference between normal cells not a necessary, the time accessing the database would decrease significantly. Recall and Precision. These two factors are very important in the past when the information is limited.

However, nowadays, the users pay more attention to whether the hyperlinks of the information they want appear in take note, the first several pages. The following table shows the relationship between the retrieved webpages and relevance (C.J., 2010). The calculation of recall and precision is as follows: In the anthropology symbols function, |.| means the number of '.'. As the equation shows, the measure of these two factors in reviews, the search engine would not be easy, especially for the recall because it is even harder to normal cells, get the number of 'A'. What is more, in my search engine, we could suggest that in the PAGERANK method, there is no non-relevant retrieved webpage existing because the Boolean match has been used. In a word, the value of these factors would be very high in my search engine but it is useless to compare with other search engines by note reviews, these two factors. The format and content of output. The outputs of the results are different among search engines, however, there are almost three parts: title, summary, and URL in millay renascence, all the search engines, what is more, the take note keywords are highlighted in some search engines.

What is more, some search engines add introduction, type, webpage size, date, hyperlinks to detail the results. Furthermore, the demographic search engine would show that how long it would take and how many results it returns. If the number of the results would be large, the keyword is not useful for searching while the number is small demonstrates that the keyword is too special. In the graphic user interface of my search engine, it would return all the basic parts above and the keywords are highlighted. What is more, it would return time and the number of results. In the part, three more functions are included, post-processing, assistance process, and information filter. Note Reviews. The post-processing allows the users to type more keywords to search the information in the former results. During the Schooling process of assistance, search engines usually provide the preview function or cached snapshot function. The information filtering include two aspects, one is that the search engine would filter some unhealthy information for the immaturity while the other aspect is to return different results to different users according to the users' history records.

In my search engine, there are no functions such as 'search in the result', preview, and information filtering. However, the reporting facility would save the users' queries so as to take note reviews, analyze it later. Comparison between the PAGERANK and HITS. According to the principle of the PAGERANK and HITS algorithm, it seems that they are similar which are based on the hyperlinks and use the eigenvector. However, the differences between the algorithms are obvious according to the principles and experiments.

The first one is that HITS algorithm is query-dependent because the authority of the HITS is the weight of the profile examples indexing theme. However, PAGERANK is a query-independent algorithm because it is independent with the indexing theme. The PAGERANK algorithm is based on note the 'reference analysis', addition with the quality of the Internet. It not only considers the number of the in-linked webpages, but also regards the importance of the in-linked webpages. The second one is that HITS algorithm gets the initial processing data based on the text search engine, and the importance of the webpages passes from the hub page to the authority page. What is more, in the HITS algorithm, the hub and the authority improve each other. While the PAGERANK algorithm is based on the random surfer model, which means that the importance of the webpages transfers among the Schooling Essay authority webpages. The third one is that the response time of the HITS algorithm is take note reviews more than that of the PAGERANK algorithm. Although the HITS algorithm analyzes the fewer webpages, however, it has to extract the initial results set from the search engine and expand to the basic results set, which would take lots of time. While superficially the PAGERANK algorithm deals with more webpages, but the processing runs in bible, advance, as a result, the response time seems less.

This section contains evaluations on the work carried out during the course. The first sub-section focuses on evaluating the solutions selected and the second sub-section assesses the take note reviews implementation and evaluation of the resulting systems. Evaluation of Solutions. The final aim of the project is to build a search engine and compare the ranking algorithm PAGERANK and HITS. To realize the Essay aim, the deliverables have been shown in the introduction part. Note Reviews. The following part is to evaluate each part in the deliverables. The first one in the minimum objectives is to design a web crawler. The detail has been introduced and it actually works. However, there are some problems in the crawler part.

The biggest problem is that the crawler crawls the webpages so fast that sometimes it would be misunderstood as a malware. For example, when the crawler crawls the test case which is exactly the webpage in the Durham University, the firewall of the university is always triggered and stop the anthropology crawler continue crawling. The second problem is that the crawler part takes too much time because it has to run on line. Each time the crawler saves a document, it would save the hyperlinks in the document in take note reviews, a array. However, not all the hyperlinks could be connected, as a result, the code has to get the HTTP code from the Internet, which would take time. Only when the HTTP code is 200, the hyperlink could be connected, otherwise, the hyperlink could not be access. Another time-consuming part is to remove the duplicated URLs from the array when the scale of array is large. As a result, it is very easy to solve the problem actually. As long as let the crawler wait for 1 or 2 seconds, the firewall would not be triggered, however, the crawler part would take more time because of the second problem. The second in the minimum objectives is to build and maintain an index. Here I choose the inverted index as the index model because it has been widely used in many famous search engines, even the biggest open source search engine Lucene has been using the inverted index.

And the benefits of the inverted index are obvious and have been introduced in the solution part. The third in the minimum objectives and the second in the intermediate objectives is to design a graphic user interface. The principle of the renascence GUI part is simple and convenient to take reviews, use, which just include two input boxes which user could input the query and the number of results per Hussein's Schooling page respectively, a very simple instruction guiding users to use the note search engine, and several keys for users to choose the ranking algorithm they like. If I have more time, there are lots of things to do. For example, the function of 'search in the results' and the dead rupert brooke analysis cached snapshoot could be added to reviews, satisfy the millay renascence users. The Boolean operators like '+','-' ,'|' could be used in the query to get more accurate information the user wants. More Boolean operators could be added if the more time is given. The last one in take reviews, the minimum objectives, the third one in the intermediate objectives and the first one in the advanced objectives are to implement ranking algorithms, and the basic ranking algorithm I choose is a simple one, the examples Boolean model added fuzzy search to return the relevant webpages. The method promises that the returned results are definitely relevant to the query, which means that the take precision of the search engine would be 100 percent. However, some other models have not been tested and cannot be compared each other.

The PAGERANK algorithm and HITS algorithm I implement is the most original one, which could compare and analyze the results more easily. However, the effect of the original algorithms might not be good so that it would definitely affect the the dead rupert analysis evaluation of the take reviews search engine. The last one in the intermediate objectives and the dead the last one in the advanced objectives are to reviews, build and visualize a reporting facility which stores the users' query for statistical analysis. The part works but it is not a former work of providing the users their unique results even if they search the same word. In the end, although all the given objectives were completed, the improvements could still be done to Hussein's Schooling, make the search engine better and to make the test data more convinced. Evaluation of reviews, Implementation. According to the 'Results' part, the search engine has been evaluated. However, there are still some problems need to be solved. First of all, the test case is not good. And because of the dynamics of the Internet, many webpages could not be accessed after it has been crawled. Furthermore, the disadvantage of the crawler leads to the limited scale of the test case.

As a result, it seems that the Essay capability of the take reviews search engine is renascence not good. But it is not true, if more time could be given, the detail in the crawling algorithm would be improved and reviews the scale of the test case would be larger, the speed would rise significantly. The second worth noticing is that the indexing method, the Boolean query could work and the quality of the difference between normal cells returned results is high. However, the toolbar and dropdown menu would be added if I have more time. In the third part, we could see that the note reviews response time is a little intolerable, the reasons of which have been analyzed and the quantities of experiments could prove that reading and analyzing the cells cells sentence which include the key words from raw file which downloads from the webpages directly take too much time. Reviews. If just one sentence or just title is returned, the time would be reduced significantly. And it seems that the difference cells cells recall and precision are not good factors to evaluate my search engine. However, there are no more famous factors to evaluate the search engine as the take note reviews problem domain in the 'Related Work' says. The format and content in my search engine keep the same form with other famous search engines such as Google. The last part of evaluation in my search engine could not be measured because it is pharmacia in the bible more like a expansion and future work of the project.

In a word, the note experiments could prove that the search engine could work and be able to compare the PAGERANK and HITS algorithms clearly, which realize the basic purpose of the project. But there are lots of details that could be improved. The purpose of the project is to build a search engine and compare the Hussein's Schooling Essay PAGERANK and HITS ranking algorithms. The work has been separated to several sub-modules and each part has been done as deliverables, crawler, index, and graphic user interface. During the note reviews process of building the search engine, some key techniques have been breakthrough and three key problems have been tried to be solved. The crawler takes the preferential traversal to access the difference normal cells whole Internet. The benefit is that it not only avoids the black hole in the Internet, but also allows the take note reviews most important webpages to be crawled at first. And then the documents the crawler has crawled have to be dealt with for the indexing using. The content of the webpages always contains the Hussein's useless format information and advertisements. As a result, the keywords in the content have to be extracted and note reviews the spam in the Internet is also filtered. Pharmacia. The aim of the take note reviews part includes extracting words, eliminating punctuation mark, convert between uppercase and lowercase letters, resuming word stem, eliminating conjunction and high frequency words.

What is more, the dictionary of stop words is Hussein's Schooling Essay built to extract the useful key words from the content and the stems of the words are used to neglect the tense of the verbs and the plural of the nouns. In the index part, the inverted index is used rather than the normal index which would increase the searching speed significantly. And the take note reviews ranking algorithms I have implemented include the basic Boolean algorithm, PAGERANK algorithm, and HITS algorithm. The Dead Analysis. The graphic user interface is designed to be simple and convenient to be used by the users. And the reporting facility saves all the queries of the users for reviews the statistics use and would finally be used in the future. In the problem domain in the part of 'Related Work', three issues have been brought forward. The first one is how to define relevance, in my search engine, the techniques of the difference between normal and cancer cells Boolean match, stems of the words, and natural language processing are used to solve the problem effectively. The second issue is how to evaluate the search engine. In the part of 'Results', the whole system of reviews, evaluation has been given, although it is not appropriate for evaluating my search engine, however, it is quite a good system for renascence evaluating the common search engine because it covers almost every aspect of the search engine. The last issue is take note reviews how to satisfy the users.

In my search engine, the former work has been done by the reporting facility. However, the problem has not been solved in pharmacia, the project. But it is definitely the focus of the future work. Luo Gang and Wang Zhendong , (2010). Writing a web crawler by yourself, 1st Ed., Tsinghua Univeristy Press. Wang Xuesong, (2008). Development of Lecene+Nutch Search Engine, 1st Ed, Post Telecom Press. Yu Jing, (2010).

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X. Fang and G. Salvendy(2000). Take Reviews. 'Keyword comparison: a user-centered feature for improving web search tools', Int.J.Human-Computer Studies, Vol.52:915-931. C.J. van RIJSBERGEN(2010). Information Retrieval. Available at: (Accessed: 28 April 2014) If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Information Technology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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